Leading Lady

Do you ever wonder what the definition of a Leading Lady is? Like truly what that means? I often sit and wonder about the definition of things because…well, my mother made us read the dictionary and encyclopedias growing up so I’m always looking for knowledge.

By definition, Leading Lady is “the actress playing the principal female part in a movie, play, or television show” (dictionary.com). So just by this definition alone I instantly had other questions. Why can’t a Leading Lady be a non actress just living an everyday life? Then it dawned on me…that is exactly what my definition of a Leading Lady really is. A phenomenal woman who is doing it all and making life grand not only for herself but for others in her presence far and wide.

Ladies, we are all Leading Ladies! We wear a million different costumes everyday and act out whatever is needed in that moment. We are, for a lack of a better word, AMAZING! The way we navigate through the storms of life and bring awareness to things we are passionate about takes quite the acting and honey I’m here to tell you that there is no acting school in this world that can teach that!

Keep being the Leading Lady! You are deserving of all that comes your way Queen and don’t ever forget that you are the Oscar!


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