Meet Yvette Lloyd of Life Her Podcast! Get Uplifted and Motivated Through Candid Conversations

Yvette Lloyd is a Philanthropist and Media Personality who partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. Yvette has spent nearly a decade being a CEO for Fadia Young Women’s Program and owner of multiple learning centers. She has been honored with her own day, named the “Yvette Lloyd Day,” December 20th from the City of Akron, Commendation Summit County Council, and Congressional Recognition. Yvette’s organization Fadia Young Women’s Program received many features such as LSherie Alert, Rolling Out Magazine, SHEEN Magazine, Bombshell BLU Magazine, BET Experience, 19 Action News, Madamennorie, Devil Strip,, WKYC Channel 3 News, and more. Yvette creates such a positive and comfortable space for all the women and men she interviews. Trust and vulnerability are rare feelings that are difficult to experience with someone we have never met before. ButYvette has landed media coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including the Super Bowl LIV 2020 private party with Dwayne and Theresa Bowe, BGR Fest, Zaytoven Beats private party at the Trap House Museum, I Am Queen Magazine Feature, Akron Beacon Journal National Black Guide and Boss Chicks.

Patrice: What does it mean to be a pretty woman who hustles?

Yvette: A woman that walks with confidence, make sacrifices and hustle.

Patrice: Podcasts are the new virtual and audio talk show of the century and they have so many wonderful shows from great podcasters like yourself! What made you want to start a podcast?

Yvette: My mother encouraged me to start a podcast. She was supposed to start it with me. But, she passed away before we were able to launch it together. So, now I have a passionate purpose to continue to uplift, inspire, and help women’s voices be heard on my podcast.

Patrice: Why do you feel that empowering and uplifting women is much needed in the world we live in today?

Yvette: Women are the root to making things happen. We endure so much in this world we live in and still manage to get up and go daily no matter what the circumstances may be going on in our personal lives. That’s why I created my platform to give all women the opportunity to be themselves, feel comfortable, and be vulnerable for once on a media outlet.

Patrice: The fact that your mother wanted to start the ‘Life Her Podcast’ with you and later she passed. You still had the strength to continue the legacy and start the podcast still. I applaud you for that! Since then, has things been difficult knowing your mom wasn’t physically there with you for the podcast?

Yvette: A lot of times it has been extremely difficult for me to keep pressing forward. However, with me coming from my mother’s womb I still feel her spirit and the connection I have always had with her. My husband also helped me and guided me a lot when she passed away too. Then, later I loss him as well. But, my purpose still serves a purpose to be that women that other women are everyday not even realizing it.

Patrice: Your podcast has received over 6,000 downloads! Congrats on your amazing journey! What do you want others to learn when they listen to each one of your episodes?

Yvette: Thank you so much! Yes, it has. I want each woman to develop strength, knowledge, wisdom, and courage from each woman I interviewed. We all carry something similar to each woman. We just have to listen to each other’s hearts more and love ourselves more to hear what God is trying to show you. Each journey in our lives serves a purpose and you listening to each woman on Life Her Podcast at that very moment is a reason for that because you could’ve occupied your time doing something else.

Patrice: Tell us more about being a CEO for Fadia Young’s Women Program. What was that experience like?

Yvette: It was a beautiful experience mentoring young girls in the community. It actually helped me to become the woman I am today as well. Sometimes we don’t recognize mental health issues in ourselves not until you see a reflection of yourself. I saw that in every girl and being an advocate and mentor for them is one of the best moments of my life.

Patrice: You also had celebrity features on your podcast such as Trina, Pretty Vee, Kissie Lee and more! What was it like having those heavy hitters on your podcast?

Yvette: I honestly don’t see a difference in them than we see in any other women. I loved every moment with them because it was an opportunity for me to let people see them for them on the inside instead of a celebrity. Sometimes people aren’t considerate of other people’s feelings and believe everything in the media. I want Life Her Podcast to give women that are celebrities a chance to be who they really are within instead of someone making them feel uncomfortable speaking about nonsense.

Patrice: Are you currently working on any new projects at the present moment?

Yvette: Yes! I’m actually working on a new show connected with Life Her Podcast that will feature my close friends. Also, I will be launching my new Networking Channel Called “Black Orange Network” that I started with my best friend Tommy Cherry.

Patrice: What can we expect more of on your podcast?

Yvette: More authenticity and more real life stories from women. Also, I will be interviewing some men as well real soon.

Connect with Yvette:

Facebook: Life Her Podcast

Instagram: @ lifeherpodcast

Twitter: lifeherpodcast


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  1. Awesome. Seeing young women know who they are and bloom where they’re planted.

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