October 27, 2021


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“New Release: Jasmyn Bolden’s Honesty: Named for Purpose”

Jasmyn Crittendon-Bolden was born and raised in Detroit to an at the time single mother. She was raised in church from a small child and has Grandparents who are Pastors. Even as a child she felt a calling on her life. She began her dive into ministry in her early 20’s beginning as an praise and worship leader and then ventured out and created her own ministry for young women. After marriage and relocation to CA she took a step back for a while. That was until the birth of her first child Honesty. With that physical birth she also felt a spiritual birth, a desire to help both children and Mothers.

So she began a small Facebook group called “Mommies Who Pray!” which is geared to uplift and empower Mothers to seek God in all they do.

February of this year Jasmyn Released a book titled “Honesty: named for purpose” which was inspired by her own daughter. The book was created to help children learn about God and their purpose early on in their lives.  Jasmyn also just recently released a 9 Day Devotional and Journal titled “Mommy, Child Of A King”. She plans to continue to use her gift of writing as well as expand “Mommies Who Pray!”.

Jasmyn wants to continue to help women, mothers and children in any way God calls her. Rather that is in books, ministries or in giving. Her passion is to see women and families healthy and whole. And more importantly, sold out for God.

Tell us a little bit about your newest book “Honesty: Named For Purpose“ How did your daughter inspire you to write this piece?

I wrote a book titled “Honesty: Named For Purpose” I am a strong advocate for children to be taught about their faith early. This children’s book is to aid children to understand the importance of having a relationship with God as well as helping them understand their purpose. The book is named after my actual daughter who was inspired by her as well. Having her encouraged me to teach other children as I teach her. 

What experiences have you encountered which sparked the idea to cater specifically to mothers and children?

There is something about creating life that changes you a bit. Knowing you have such a huge responsibility pushing you. The thing is so many children lack inspirations around them that guide them into their purpose so I hope to be a help for those children.

Where do you see yourself and your brand within the next 5-10 years? 

In 5-10 years I hope that I have more children’s books published and on the shelves of major bookstores. I plan to keep expanding my ministry for women, mothers and children. I honestly just want to be where God wants me to be so wherever this walk leads me I will be happy there.

What impact would you like your book to leave on the future of our children?

My desire is that children will read this book and it will spark their interest to seek God. That alone is so powerful. Imagine a generation whose desire is to please God as early as reading age? That is world changing. I want children to lean on God and believe His word. I want to see a purpose driven group of children.

How do we access your new book? And how can others support you and your business endeavors? 

You can access my book on Amazon by simply searching “Honesty: named for purpose”. You can follow my social media handle on Instagram @jasmynloreal to stay in the loop of what’s next with me and my ministry. And donations can be accepted at jasmyncritbolden@gmail.com via PayPal as well. Please feel free to contact me via email as well for more information.

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