6 Tips for New Home Buyers

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed this milestone in life and purchased a home. Whether it may be your forever home or a temporary nook, there are some important tips new homeowners should know. Make this new transition in life much simpler by following some key rules.

  • Find a reliable handyman– This is no longer your small apartment with the luxury of on call maintenance staff. Not only are you required to do personal upkeep to your home, you’ve got to still keep up with all the other tasks of the day to day. Having a reliable handyman puts one less stress when being put to the test. Don’t fret about a leaky faucet or clogged sink because you know someones got your back.
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  • Save for a rainy day fund– After making such a large investment by purchasing a home means you also must be prepared for the unexpected. Saving for a rainy day ensures when emergency strikes, a back up plan is ready to be set in motion. Build yourself a better tomorrow by preparing yourself today.
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  • Spring cleaning-Aht aht! Before getting too comfortable in your brand new house, you’ve got to make sure you’ve done a deep spring clean of the home. Not only does it aid spiritually in clearing the space and energy and preparing for the new, but it is beneficial for health purposes. Get rid of the bacteria growing and dusty old smells, and popen your new home into positive energy flow, candles, and a fresh start to a new beginning.
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  • Homeowners insurance– Finding the right kind of homeowners insurance is one of the most important decisions of a new homebuyer. You never think you need insurance until an occurrence arises and it comes in handy. Shop for protection and the protection of your assets for the long haul. Continue investing in your future and the future of your home by choosing the right kind of homeowners insurance.
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  • Keep all manuals– log serial numbers. May seem unimportant to log serial numbers or keep manuals but when the time comes you will be very glad you did. When something goes out of order or you need to purchase replacement parts, keeping the original manual offers a lot of pertinent information. Also, you have to plan for the unfathomable. God forbid the items you worked so hard to obtain get stolen, by logging the serial numbers and the description of the item, when making a police report having that information increases your chances of getting it back rather than having nothing at all.
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Continue pouring into yourself and the gift that keeps on giving by maintaining and being prepared.


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