The Ambitious Creative Nasha Clark

Being able to highlight women doing extraordinary things has always been our number one mission. Today we highlight an extraordinary Creative by the name of Nasha Clark.

She was born February 6, 1991, is an American journalist, publicist, marketing specialist, and businesswoman serving all arms of the media, entertainment, and professional sports industries. The New York native has worked with some of the biggest names in music and entertainment worldwide. Some of her most notable past projects include spearheading Publicity and Marketing for the IMPACT 17 Music, Art, Tech and Fashion Summit featuring DJ Khaled; providing publicity for RBRM’s 2018 tour; and providing strategic marketing concepts for Roc Nation athlete and artist rosters, including Rihanna’s Anti World Tour. Currently, she serves as Publicist for YouTube twin stars, Ava & Alexis McClure and clothing brand Support Black Colleges.

Nasha has facilitated book, television and brand deals for the McClure twins family. She is also providing publicity services for AEG Presents: Martin Lawrence’s ‘LIT AF’ Tour kicking off January 2020. Nasha completed her B.A. in Journalism and Law from the University at Albany, after which she earned her M.A. from Hofstra University’s prestigious Graduate Journalism Program. Nasha’s first break into the entertainment industry was as a member of the Roc Nation PR Department in 2015, where she immersed herself in a wide array of responsibilities. In her role, she curated creative content for the Roc Nation/TIDAL talent roster, formulated ideas for artist/athlete endorsements and media coverage, and pitched branding and marketing proposals for artists/athletes to various media outlets. She also compiled press highlights and was responsible for their dissemination to third-party media outlets for reporting.

The role that solidified her as a rising star in the public relations and marketing field, however, was her position as the Media and Marketing Chair for the first inaugural IMPACT 17 Summit in Miami. Nasha’s contributions to the music, art, tech, and fashion conference included organizing and overseeing all press and media coverage pre- and post-event as well as negotiating a number of sponsorship deals, including the primary sponsorship agreement with Sprint.

Beyond her entertainment endeavors, Nasha is also an activist for mental health awareness. She lost her brother to suicide in 2016 and has since spent a lot of her time grounded in philanthropic efforts to urge healthy conversations and actions for prevention. Nasha’s experience working from so many sophisticated vantage points at the intersection of publicity, marketing campaign development, sponsorship negotiation, and event production make her a multi-faceted addition to any client’s business plan. Her legal exposure, grounded in her undergraduate work and time with SONY Music’s Business and Legal Affairs Department, provides her a unique perspective from which to approach her client’s marketing and publicity campaigns.

Next year, Nasha plans to enroll in law school in an effort to obtain her third and final degree. She embarks on this journey in the hopes of pairing her extensive industry background with a legal education to become a full-service entertainment attorney.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Nasha to ask the burning question of how she balances so many hats with the demand of the entertainment industry.

You are a woman who wears many hats, how do you balance it all together?

It’s difficult but I just organize myself as much as possible. Sticking to a schedule is what helps me maintain balance and to be regimented.

What does a day in the life of Nasha Clark look like?
I usually start my day with my morning regimen, a smoothie, then I walk my puppy. Followed by work for about a 12-15 hour day. I block out time for calls, have a meeting with a team or clients, and prep for the next day/projects. I love that no two days are usually the same. 

How do you implement personal time/Self care in the midst of your busy schedule?

One thing about me I’ve learned is to definitely take time for self. So I take myself on spa dates twice a month, long walks with my puppy are super relaxing, or dinner/outing with friends or family. It’s really necessary for my mental health because work can be super demanding at times. Also, therapy helps!

You have spearheaded several major projects, what has been your biggest reward and challenge thus far?

Support Black Colleges Virtual Homecoming, which I co-executive produced. We won a Webby Award and were nominated for a Shorty. That was a lot for me but very rewarding.  I’m inspired by my peers, especially the fact that all of us are young, Black entrepreneurs. It meant a lot to be a part of the team. 

You have years in the entertainment and media industry, at this point in your career what message do you hope people take away from your brand?

Everything I’ve done in this industry has been with integrity. This is the only way I care to move for the rest of my career. I look forward to working with likeminded people. 

What is next for you? 

I don’t know, that’s what makes it so exciting! I have so many goals and dreams and I’m excited to see what’s next for me, my business, and my clients.

What advice do you have for a young woman wanting to enter into the media industry? 

Fully immerse yourself in the process (the good, bad and ugly). Maintain your dignity, integrity, and all will work out how it’s supposed to. Lastly, take your time with the journey.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s ?

It’s about a woman who is pretty on the inside first, has good character, and a person of their word. 

Connect with Nasha Online by visiting her Website

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