National Lazy Day

Ohhhhh weeeee you all don’t know this is going to be my favorite day ever. Like I can stay in the house in my “granny gown” eat snacks, and watch tv all day; baby this is the life. I’ve already got my lazy day planned out in advance. I won’t be doing any motherly duties, wife duties, lol none of that! I am off! Sis are you with me? Naw? Lol, why not? You get a day off from wearing so many hats, take time for yourself, and just sit back and relax. I am!
What do you like to do on your off days?
Read, watch tv, play games, nothing, Cool! Today is your day.

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Anastasia Jackson is a mother of two sons and a fiancée. Amid all the hats she wears she also is an author; who has published over ten books in one year. She is a superwoman without a cape.
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