Coils, Curls and Vibes O My!

Every woman’s crowning glory is her hair. Whether its loc’ed up or coiled and curled, it deserves the best care and treatment possible. With so many natural hair products on the shelves to choose, it can be a difficult task to determine which ones will give you the best results for health and growth. Because every texture is not the same, knowing exactly what product to use for your grade of hair can be tedious. But luckily The Doux is on shelves in major retail chains to help your choice become easier. Maya Smith has created a revolutionary hair care line called The Doux, to help woman and men have healthy and manageable hair. Her product line not only moisturizes hair but also hydrates each strand to ensure that it grows strong. Smith has been in the cosmetology business for almost 30 years and seeks to educate her clients and customers on how to get the best out of their hair with her services.

Jazmyne Byrd: How is The Doux changing the hair care game?

Maya Smith: Well, The Doux is a whole vibe. Not only are the ingredients in the products great but my packaging takes your straight to the 90s and will have you coming back for more. I have been able to be behind the chair for almost 3 decades and service clients and give them experience like they have never had. So, my line is a reflection of who I am and the services that I provide. Another thing about my line is of course the labeling, colors, patterns on packaging and names of products. It’s unique and stands out because each product has hip hop lyrics from the 90’s. Its a combination of my love for good hair care and hip hop.

JB: As Hairstylist and Entrepreneur how important is to have excellent customer service?

MS: There is a famous quote, “People can forget what you did for them, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. Customer service is everything and so many people forget that. As a business owner who owns not just the product line but the salon as well, customer service has to be a top priority. If you service you clients well, educate them and they purchase your products, then they will become your best salesman. Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing, and it really works. My clients were the first to try out my line and to see the results. Them being able to experience the products firsthand and see the results helped us take off. So, we definitely try to express to our customers our genuine gratitude by giving them the best service and products. Basically, we exercise the golden rule. We treat each one of them how we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes.

JB: There as so many Hair care businesses to support, what makes yours set apart?

MS: One thing about my products are they are high quality with amazing ingredients that are proven to give you healthy hair. I’m into the science of knowing what chemicals are in my products so that I’m able to educate my clients on what will work best for their hair. Every product should come with education on how to properly use it and I pride myself on knowing the science behind my products. So, I can stand on each product knowing how great they are. I’m behind everything from the packaging to the ingredients and being hands on allows me to supply my best to my clients and customers. Also being behind the chair gives me knowledge on hair in general, so it’s a double win for me. Also, if you are a salon customer as well then you get the best of both worlds having been styled and styled properly with the product line. The Doux product is considered to be for professional use only which is why education is so important.

You can purchase The Doux at retail stores nationwide or online at

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