Andre’ Hammonds Lands Acting Role Alongside Michael Colyar

Meet Creative Director and Fashion Stylist Andre’ Hammonds.

Andre’ Hammonds remains booked and busy making his debut on the big screen in his new acting role “Unconventional” alongside Michael Colyar. You may also be familiar with his work as a guest judge on The Shade Room’s digital series, “The Shady Brunch”, and “The Look: All-Stars”, a show that offers head-to-toe makeover competitions and features two teams of beauty and fashion experts.

When not working, Hammonds continues to give back and make an impact in his community by hosting
an annual fashion show “Slay the Runway ” in which the proceeds are given to a cancer foundation, in
honor and memory of his mother. Mr. Hammonds took his time out to catch up with us about his
upcoming new movie role and drop some gems about men in fashion and his slow rise to the top.

1. How did you get this amazing new role in this movie? Did you ever dream of being on the big screen? What is this moment like for you?

I was super excited about the opportunity to be featured in the film “Unconventional”, which was directed and produced by Denise Khumalo. After meeting Denise at a networking event in LA we connected through social media where she was able to see some of my work as a multi-media personality and fashion stylist. She reached out to me about sharing my story for a documentary she was working on. I was so happy and honored to be a part of it! Never did I imagine that I would be participating in an award-winning documentary that would showcase at multiple film festivals. The experience has truly been humbling. I’m thankful.

2. What inspired you to choose fashion as your calling? How have you paved your pathway to success?

Fashion and entertainment have always been a part of my life. From my childhood and teenage years, it was an outlet. I decided to study fashion merchandising in college while working in retail management. I started modeling locally and those were the true beginning stages of my career in entertainment. I attribute a lot of my success to some of the early moments in my career. They helped me to see and understand where I wanted to see myself in the business of entertainment. 

3. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned throughout your rise to fame?

I don’t know that I have reached a true level of fame, and truthfully it makes me kind of uncomfortable when others around me use the term. I do think that the level of notoriety I have achieved gives me a space to connect with the people who support me. I’m always humbled to know that through the work I have done in front of and behind the cameras has inspired others to want to do the same. So I guess ultimately what I learned is that people are always watching.

4. What is your definition of a man who hustles? What advice do you have for other men who aspire to get into the fashion industry?  

My definition of a man who hustles is a man that is continually working towards elevation through achieving their goals. The beauty of being a hustler is that you grow along the way. My advice to men who want to be in fashion is to have a point of view! Have a new perspective of sharing something with your audience. Travel, read, eat, laugh, talk, listen, then take all those things and share your view of fashion. It gives your work a voice. 

5. What do you want your legacy to be remembered for? 

Right now I hope that I can continue to build my legacy. I’m still learning, growing and achieving, so at this moment I’m not sure what my legacy would be. I do hope that people that have shared time and space will feel motivated to continue in their journeys. I believe in showing up, in my life and the lives of others. I believe we owe it to ourselves to show up.

Thank you Mr. Andre’ Hammonds, and much success to you and your continued endeavors.


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