Shavée Ho: The Pretty Powerhouse helping women develop their own personal brands

Daring, industrious, and caring are just a few words to describe serial entrepreneur, Shavée Ho.

At just 5-years-old, Shavée unknowingly styled her very first braid on one of her dolls. Soon thereafter, she advanced her skills to include an at-home “oil treatment” using Vaseline on her first client: her late grandmother, Gammie. It came as no surprise when Shavée followed her passion for making others feel beautiful into a successful career in cosmetology.

As Shavée progressed in her career, she simultaneously expressed her creativity through the canvases of her many clients faces, and hair.

Ms. Ho used her knowledge to debut her Beauty company, S.H.E Beauty Defined, in mid 2019. In addition to being an entrepreneur; she is an published author, certified image consultant, certified life coach, and a licensed cosmetologist for over a decade. Her passion is to help women see their true reflection by giving them a makeover from the inside out; fusing therapy and beauty to control mental health. 

Her most prized accomplishments is becoming a wife and mother, so she understands for many like her, time is precious. This drove her to create S.H.E, a brand that represents your everyday awesome woman.

We had the opportunity to dig deep and ask ask a few questions to The Pretty Powerhouse Shavée Ho.

Out of all the industries in the world, why beauty? 

Everyone has a gift, and it’s our job to service and help those you can with the gift you’ve been blessed with. My gift happens to fall under beauty. I have a passion and talent for enhancing a person’s image and it truly makes me feel great to see a person’s confidence come alive. My goal is to impact as many people as possible without even meeting them. Through S.H.E Beauty Defined, I will make that happen.

You are the proud owner of “S.H.E. Beauty Defined” what is your definition of beauty? 

Beauty is a perspective and a mindset. Once you accept all of your perceived flaws, that’s true beauty.

What message do you hope women take away from your chair? 

Any client I work with, I reassure them that I’ve only enhanced what they already have. You already are the person you wish to become.

As an entrepreneur, Author, image consultant and so much more: how do you balance life and business?

This is a hard one, and I’m learning and growing every day.

My Husband Tommy Ho is my mentor, financial advisor, bestie, and life -+b//qpartner all rolled into one! Our tag-team parenting game is strong and he is such a huge help in every aspect of my life.

One other thing that has helped me is I started saying no more and created boundaries to protect my physical and mental health.

What does self-care currently look like for you?

My “Glam -Time is my Self-care time. Putting on lipstick or oiling my scalp is Therapeutic and healthy to me.

What is next for you and your brand? 

Being active in the community is very important to me, so events, pop-ups, and community service, are our top priority at the moment.

What has been your greatest lesson this far in entrepreneurship?

There is no perfect way to do things, trying to be flawless will slow you down. It’s through the flaws that you build a stronger business, so just go for it.

What is your definition of a pretty woman who hustles?

A confident woman who never quits and finds beauty in failure because she knows they’re only lessons.

Go to hair product:

Not to toot my own horn but my Straight Forward Flatiron Mist is my favorite! It’s moisturizing, leaves a non-greasy lightweight shine, and it’s great for my extensions and natural hair!

Favorite hairstyle?

I honestly do not have one. I consider myself an artist and I love all hairstyles. Personally, I’ve grown my hair, colored it, cut it, all in the same week.

Hair Inspiration?

Beyoncé, I love that her hair is a staple in her branding. Having a signature look as an entrepreneur is important.

If you could do anyone’s hair in the world, who would it be?

Beyoncé or Mama Tina Knowles. We’re best friends, they just haven’t met me yet.

Connect with Shavée Ho and The S.H.E Beauty Defined brand online on their official website

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