Meet Author KL Hall

Meet Author KL Hall

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

K.L. Hall is a national bestselling and award-winning author. As a serial storyteller, Hall has penned over three dozen titles in various genres—including African American urban fiction and romance, paranormal, children’s books, and non-fiction. Her adult fictional stories straddle the intersection of classing Urban and spell-binding Romance.

At a young age, she found her passion in a pen and knew that writing would be a vital part of her life. The Virginia native made her debut in the literary world in 2013, and has since been featured in various print and online publications and created the Booked & Busy™ Course to help aspiring authors birth the book they’ve always wanted to write and turn their passion into profit.
When she’s not writing, Hall enjoys creating author resources and being a mom.

At what moment did you discover your gift for writing and sharing stories? 

If you ask my mom, she will tell you that I picked up a pen at 18 months old. So, I guess you could say I’ve always had a thing for writing. It wasn’t until 2013 when I self-published my first short story. 

If you could use any four words to describe your creativity what would it be? 

captivating, diverse, stimulating, and skillful 

You have written several books from several different genres, what does the creative process entail?

 It all depends on what piques my interest the most. For all my fiction novels (aside from my children’s books), I always have to curate a playlist specific to that book. Then, I share that playlist with my readers so they can get the full vibe of the novel.

What message lies in the pages of all your work? 

In each of my stories, I aim to bring my pages and characters to life through lessons in life, love and relationships, and personal growth.

If you could advise the upcoming generation of writers, what would you say?

 I would say to make sure you’re writing and telling the stories you want to tell because you love it above all else. Writing a book is no easy feat, so, be gentle with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Where do you hope to see your work in the future? 

In the future, I would love to see my books turned into screenplays and adapted for television shows and/or movies. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

To me, a pretty woman who hustles is a woman that’s about her business. She’s going to make a way out of no way and drives herself to always go after her goals and achieve them.

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