Meet Author Delanda McNair

 Delanda McNair is a North Carolina Native & Author Of Two Published Books.  “Father, Then The Eyes Can See” & “You  Taught Me”.

Today we are putting a twist on things by allowing Delanda to introduce herself with her personal story:

In The Beginning, As Far As I Knew, Writing Was Not A Given. I Honestly Do Not Remember Ever Being  Excited About Consistent Reading As A Youth. And Journaling, No That Was Not One Of My Helpful  Habits. Even My Work History, Not A Lot Of Creative Writing There Either. 

When I Landed What I Considered (At The Time), To Be My Dream Job – All Was Well, Life Was Good And  I Was All Set And Ready To Stack Up The Travel Miles – As A Flight Attendant. My Parents Had Done A  Good Enough Job At Giving Us Travels; Even Road Trips Were Essential. 

What Better Way For Me To Easily Gain Access To Travel Then The Airline Industry And Life As A Travel  Agent. I Had A Seized Opportunity To Work In Both Industries! Life With A D-2 & IATA Card Was  Fantastic! 

I Thought, I Had Arrived So To Speak And At That Point Considered Nothing Else When It Came To My  Work Career. I Am Partially Shaped And Molded By A Small Town Rearing. With Fresh Water Catches  Being One Of My Dad’s Serious Hobbies/Hustles; Growing Up Our Family Time Consist Of Both Planned  And Spontaneous Trips To The Outer Banks (And Other Waterfronts) And Surrounding Areas. With My  Dad Being A Skillful Cook, Often Times Our Yard Was Accented, With Smoking Cookers, Grills And Lots Of  Loving Family And Friends. He Was Such A Crowd Magnet. 

In Thought My Parents Were Boundless! With My Mother Being The Soft, Silent Yet Very Present Help  Meet. My Parents Were Both Great Givers And Nurturers. Yes, As In Any Case, They Were Not Perfect – Yet They Were Perfect At Unapologetically, Simply Giving Us Them. Fast Forward, To Writing Again – Writing Was Never Something I Contemplated But One Day My Sister Called Me Sharing A Friends  Situation. That Conversation Turned Into A Dream, One That At First – I Thought Nothing Of. So When  The Dream Played On Repeat Nightly, I Went Back To My Sister Wondering Why I Could Not Shake Our  Prior Conversation. This Opened Door To Me Learning More About My Creative Side. I Got The Notion  To Write It Out. And Then It All Began To Fully Flow. Each Time I Wrote It Out, Updated Information  Flooded My Dreams. With That Prior Conversation And Continued Conversations With My Sister, Along  With Me Writing Out My Dreams, The Foundation For My Writing Journey Had Begun. My First Book  Was Published In 2013, With The Second Being Published In 2019. 

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

When the story idea and writings meet and completely delivers in the reading journey of the publication.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

Mostly, my writings are GOD given.

How do you come up with the titles of your books?

They, are HIS Word & Life, inspired

Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?

For me, writing is therapeutic. I plan to write 30 minutes to an hour minimum daily extending grace to myself the times I fall short. I release myself to simply pen my thoughts and ideas initially without as much focus on spelling/grammar

If someone wrote about your life and made a movie, who would you want to cast you?

Taraji P Henson. Why? I appreciate her artistry and I have been told that I remind people of her.

Finally, what’s next for you?

I expect to have each title go on to motion print. I also have more writings in the works.

Be Sure To Connect With  Delanda On Facebook: Author, Delanda McNair, or Instagram: @delandamcnair, For The Latest Info On  Where I Am & What I’m Up To! Order Your Copies Wherever Your Favorite Books Are Sold.

Support Delanda by purchasing her books on her website 

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