“Be The Roses” With CEO Aleathea Díjon

Since a child, Aleathea has always been a poet and a writer that enjoys creating. Full of ideas, Ms. Aleathea Díjon, also known as the “Energy Dealer” is the CEO of Fleurs De Díjon. The kindhearted mother and entrepreneur from San Diego, California now resides in Atlanta, GA. 0n 11/11/11, Aleathea was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. During her hospital stay is when she realized that she only received her flowers due to her illness and before being released the flowers would disintegrate. With many years of experience, her amazing writing skills and ambition to empower others got her to where she is today.

For six years pursuing a career in Wealth Management was something Aleathea had in mind. Unfortunately, with no room for freedom or a promotion she decided to embark on entrepreneurship in 2014. As this journey began, she came into perspective that pouring into others is a form of healing that would later be the basis of her business. Ms. Díjon, has always been a lover of love. One symbol of love is the rose hence her brand motto “Be The Roses”

Becoming a published author in 2017 was one of her biggest accomplishments. Lupehole: Overcoming the Odds Living with Lupus is now available on Amazon. Making people feel good brings her joy, so obtaining her Life Coach Certification in 2017 was a great achievement, with many more to follow. Although Aleathea, has faced obstacles she remains hardworking with a boss reputation. Her brand will help bring a supportive and compassionate audience to your platform.  

Aleathea Díjon, is a woman who loves to give “flowers” while people are still here which is why she created her Everlasting Rose Boutique. In 2019, the idea to create the luxury Fleurs De Díjon, which means ‘Díjon’s Flowers’ was born. Aleathea believes that her brand is unique because of her love for music and poetry that she implements into everything she does. With her roses lasting up to 365 days or longer she loves to leave a lasting impression. A boss woman providing a gifting experience with thoughtfulness and ease is her goal.

If you could use any four words to describe yourself as a person what would it be?
Resilient, thinker, overcome, loving

At what moment did you realize Entrepreneurship was a part of your journey?
In 2014, when I knew I could make more money working on one project than my monthly salary and I could give a more personal feel to my projects.

Your boutique “Everlasting Roses” is built on the message of giving flowers while one is still here, what inspired the start?
Fleurs De Dijon means Díjon’s flowers on 11/11/11 I was diagnosed with Lupus, was in and out of the hospitals, and many of my loved ones would bring flowers, but by the time I was discharged they would be dead, I couldn’t take them home. I wanted flowers that lasted longer than a week. I heard about preserved roses and I wanted to give those to others and so Be the roses was created.

What experience do you hope women take away from your platform?
To simply be the roses, whatever that may look like, it’s the action, it’s the presence, it’s your energy you give a room, a space, and your life.

What is next for you and your brand?
Expansion, more flourishing, more blooming so that means more people, brand ambassadors, and being the staple in the Atlanta market for forever roses, and will open a storefront for people to get the full experience of Fleurs de Dijon.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
There are so many amazing people, Connaisseur Paris, Munaluchi Bride
Dr. Nicole Garden Scott, Koereyelle, Teyana Taylor, Xernona Clayton

What is your favorite flower?
A rose of course! They are beautiful, a symbol of love

What is your go-to arrangement for the fall/winter?
When the season changes you can always go for a bright red because it enhances your mood

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman who Hustles?
Well, what is pretty?
An attractive thing, but in a delicate way. It’s the feminine energy that only a woman can give and when I think of hustle, I think movement, I think music because she walks, dances and moves to her own beat as an example of how to get something done despite adversity, pressure or no’s.

Connect With Aleathea online and purchase her work by visiting www.aleatheadijon.com/books Follow Aleathea on Instagram

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