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Dominique aka Dōmo is just a girl that wants to share her story with as many people as she can hoping to help just one. From being diagnosed with a brain tumor at age nine to going through 187 chemotherapy treatments, she realized her story wasn’t just meant for her. But people that needed to hear her journey. During the pandemic is when she decided to take that leap, using that time to make the best of it. March 2020, she self-published her first autobiography called “#DamagedButNotDead.” She kept that momentum by self-publishing her second book called “Self-talk…But You Can Eavesdrop Too” in August of that same year. This collection of inspirational quotes started during the hardest physical and mental times of her life, so why not share it with others.

Yes, she has a disability, but a disability is not an inability. She just customizes it to fit her. After having to use a walker at age 22, she developed a business called “WalkingByDesign” which customizes medical accessories. Not stopping there, she recently opened an online store called “Salve” which promotes her motto “Don’t let the disability fool you.” During the promotion phase of interviews, Podcasting became an interest of hers but wanted to make it fit who she represents as a person. In October 2020, she started her Podcast titled the same motto interviewing the disabled community and essential caregivers.

During her journey, she realized there was a way she could help people like her who live with disabilities, so she became a Master Certified Disability Confidence Coach in February 2021. During her journey to being more in the spotlight of sharing her story, she was offered her own show on She Is Still Dope Network called “Don’t Let The Disability Fool You” where she’ll have a platform to enlighten the life of being disabled and still deciding to find value in living. She’s a business owner with a disability, a Master Life Coach with muscle weakness, a podcast host that breaks the stigma, and an author with a bold personality…she contradicts every rule out there!! So now that you know her, you know you’re friends forever, right?! Oh and the most important things you need to know: she loves earmuffs and she loves YOU!!

At what moment did you discover your love for writing?
I always thought a good writer was someone who had the perfect combination of words and phrases to create a great story but once I realized my life was just enough to write about, I never ran out of something to write about. I write who I am.

What inspired your books: #Damagedbutnotdead and Self Talk…but you can eavesdrop, too?
My first book was my grandpa. Before he passed he told me I needed to write it and it took me eight years to pick up a pen. My second book was inspired during my six years of chemotherapy treatments. They were mental notes I’d say time myself to keep my mind strengthened.

What message do you hope women take away from your work?
Two things: Confidence looks good on you. Get it in every color and God gave you another day above ground, don’t make Him regret it because you don’t see the value in what He created in you.

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 5 years?
Yo I want to be on Oprah’s desk, in Ellen’s ear, and Tyler Perry’s to-do lists

What is next for you?
I just started a live talk show being the first disability talk show host interviewing guests with all disabilities and how they break the stigma beyond their conditions. I’m also currently writing my third book.

If you could encourage a room full of upcoming writers, what would you say?
Your journey will help others heal…remember that when you feel like you’re tapped out

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