Clean your Desk – Adrian McClanahan, Chic Diva Geek shares Tips to get Organized

Clean your Desk – Adrian McClanahan, Chic Diva Geek shares Tips to get Organized

The second Monday in January has been designated as National Clean Your Desk Day. Start the new year off on the right foot by preparing your workspace for success by getting organized.

Tech Blogger and Network Engineer Adrian McClanahan provides the following tips to set you on the right path.

What are ways that someone can plan to declutter their desk? 

You can use the little desktop paper trays, and or post it note holders. Target, Five Below, Walmart and Amazon have these, and honestly since we’re home and most things are digital…I clear out my paper piles (notes included) at the end of every week

How does cleaning up your office space help with productivity? 

Cleaning up your office area, literally helps clear up your thoughts. I can’t think straight if there’s clutter all around me, or I’m scrambling to find things. So having everything in it’s place makes it easier to move through your tasks.

What are 5 must-have items that can help facilitate organization? 

My Notes app on my phone, my reminder app on my phone, Post it notes to quickly jot down thoughts or notes, a storage cabinet or shelf of some kind..those are it for me honestly.

About Adrian

Adrian McClanahan is a mother, a wife, and a network control center engineer, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Network Information Systems She’s been in the IT field for over 14 years.  With a genuine love for technology and all things surrounding it, Adrian took that passion and created a technology blog,, which has evolved and grown into a website design business.
Adrian is also a technology instructor for youth at Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation. Teaching introductory coding and technology classes at the centers to expose kids to the possibilities of working in the IT field early. As an extension of this she also launched Flash Tech Summit, a free technology summit for kids to expose and introduce kids to various fields in technology, it’s coming up on it’s 5th year

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