How to Manage a Relationship while Living like A Boss

How to Manage a Relationship while Living like A Boss

Now that the new year has arrived and entrepreneurs are on the rise, many wonder how would they keep up with their busy schedules of work at home and keep a happy healthy relationship. There have been talks of power couples breaking up during this season of love and the weather changes add another obstacle to managing relationships. 

Teeha Harrell, a businesswoman in the corporate world and also an entrepreneur as an author, gives us her spill on how she manages her time at home and work.

The key to any successful relationship whether it be business or personal is communication!!! Now nobody wants to make an appointment to sleep with their spouse. Busy schedules would make these types of things impossible. 

Checklist for Love

●     Do not overbook yourself, there are 24 hours in a day use them wisely

●    Create a warm atmosphere at home during these cold winter months. Even if you have no time to spend with each other. Making one meal a day and coming home to a clean house to rest your head is essential to one’s well-being.

●    Just because Gifts while you are out and about to let your partner know you love them and thought of them throughout your long workday. 

●    Try to have a quiet dine out or dine in night where you enjoy each other and discuss nothing of work

●    ALWAYS make time for yourself !!

✦✧✦Three essential questions that you would have to ask yourself before you commit to anything business or professional✦✧✦

Q1. Do you work better alone or as a team? 

This depends on the team. I believe it’s better to work in a team because it can provide different perspectives and diversity. 

Q2. Do you desire a business partner as a spouse (power couple)?

 Well, I already have that. My husband and I are partners, and we have the same life goals. But as authors, we still have our own path. He writes about Science Fiction, and I write about love, mystery, and suspense.  

Q3. What is your ideal perfect day from home-work-home?

 My perfect day would be to complete all duties or assignments before 5. After 5, eat dinner and do something relaxing with my husband 

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