She’s Making Herstory: Meet Miriam Pinkney

Miriam Pinkney is the Founder and CEO of Miriam P Life Coaching. She is esteemed for her personal approach in coaching for women, men, and children alike. With her frequent love challenges (to point out the importance of self-care), prayer breakfasts, and summits, individuals leave empowered and equipped to show up and show out as their whole self – healed and ready to commit fully to all they have in store. This year she has fully rebranded and is in the works of launching her first annual Faith, Fashion, and Fitness Summit.

What Inspired your start in entrepreneurship?

I watched my parents in my 20s started having rental properties and to see how the extra income helped out tremendously inspired me. I also believe in leaving an inheritance for not only my children but for their children as well. And I figured the best way to do so was to use my passions and gift to help others while receiving an extra income.

What obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you are today?

Self-doubt may be the biggest obstacle. Anything that contributed to self-sabotage, I had to overcome. Because I was rejected so much growing up and in my early adulthood, I began to reject myself. I began to question if what I bring to the table was good enough. I had to use the strategies I teach my clients to ensure I overcame so that I can not only have a moment of success but keep it.

What message of hope do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs?

It is challenging but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you create a discipline within yourself to continue. Consistency is what causes one to win not motivation. So create a discipline. Continue to sow your time, your gifts, even your money, and watch you reap a harvest. Do it for yourself but also do it for a legacy you’re leaving behind (whether you have kids or not, someone is coming up under you).

What are your top 3 go-to songs for motivation to keep going after your goals?

The Wind of God by Vashawn Mitchell, The Promises of God by Carnail Stokes (not sure if it’s actually released yet but his entire album helps me stay grounded and yielded to my God), and Golden by Jill Scott.

What is your definition of a pretty woman who hustles?
I’m not quite sure if I would call what I do a hustle. But in the context of this question, I would say a woman who is disciplined, a woman who is diligent, a woman who is willing to invest in herself for a greater, better outcome. But also a woman who also understands rest and how it truly does affect creativity and productivity.

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