The Keys to a Successful Marriage with Lovepreneur

For business moguls Demetrius and Dhayany Walker, having a return on investment in business and romantic partnership is a no-brainer. Coining themselves ‘lovepreneurs’, the millionaire couple created the aptly named Lovepreneur, a platform teaching entrepreneurial couples the importance of having both net worth and love worth. Unlike other relationship platforms, Lovepreneur combines the elements of love and business as success tools in entrepreneurship. The Walkers have bragging rights in the relationship industry: 88% of the married couples with memberships remain successful to this day. Through Lovepreneur, the Walkers are aiming to encourage other entrepreneurial couples through the journey of entrepreneurship while strengthening their relationships and building their empire.

The Walkers have developed a patented formula for success in relationships that target entrepreneurship and love.

We are excited for the opportunity to dig deep and understand the passion behind the Lovepreneur brand.

Before we begin discussing the who, what, when, where, and why of Lovepreneur. I have to ask how do you balance Love and Entrepreneurship?
We don’t believe in balance, but our unity becomes our entity. We divide our roles based on one vision with different positions. Positions are based on strengths.

We believe in systems and principles that make Love & Entrepreneurship work. We live it as a LIFESTYLE, not a fad or a trend.

Focus on the business goal, Teamwork but maintain and grow the love for your partner. Healthy Communication is a must, talk out all areas! Time management; you must have time for both.

What would you say are the keys to having a successful business and love relationship/partnership?

Focus on having a partnership, not a relationship. 

The 12 Commandments of a LOVEPRENEUR 


  • Application of the 12 Commandments
  • Know your Role
  • Be A Team- We complete we don’t compete. 
  • Selfishness sabotages relationships 
  • One Vision Different Positions.
  • Exercising The Power Of Agreement, one vision different position, the clearer
  • Similar Values & Goals 
  • Accountability 
  • Respect 
  • Love 

– Open, frequent, and transparent communication 







When your Grace Grows the illumination of your Glory Glows

How did Lovepreneur get its start? 

Lovepreneur started with its creators/ founder’s personal testimony. Demetrius and Dhayany established businesses in Real Estate, Automotive, Child Care, Consulting, Philanthropy, and Digital Real Estate. Our journey wasn’t easy. We tested and served on our way to success. We are both alphas, Dhayany came from corporate and Demetrius was already an established entrepreneur. A mindset shift had to occur in order for both visions to align. Realizing there was no help in the marketplace about how to successfully grow together in a business and romantic partnership. We created the LOVEPRENEUR FORMULA. 

  • Understanding that Commitment lasts longer in Community, we created a community of like-minded entrepreneurial couples to help support and keep each other accountable. 

We realized we were not alone, LOVEPRENEUR grew into a community of like-minded entrepreneurial couples, and hundreds of case studies and members since 2012. 

What message do you hope entrepreneurs take away from your platform?

Your partner can help you increase your net worth by 77%


  • Couples can live out their dreams together if they’re willing to put in the work to succeed together. 
  • LOVEPRENEURSHIP is a journey worth creating.
  • LOVEPRENEURSHIP is like a book, you can find more value in every chapter 
  • The value of your Love & Business will be a reflection of what you sowed into it 
  • There has to be ownership In your partnership, that’s true LOVEPRENEUR 

 Let’s reflect back early on in business, what was the most challenging and rewarding part of navigating business with your partner? How do you handle conflict in business without it creating a barrier in your personal life?

The most challenging part was understanding The Who, what, where, and why of disbursement of POWER in the business and relationship for the greater good of the vision. Once overcoming this barrier, we started to recognize that our power and vision were bigger than us.

  • We handle conflict by understanding that it’s not about who’s right, but instead, what’s right.

Disagreements are a chance to challenge what areas of the relationship we need to change or grow in. We realize that our change is in our challenge, and when you get to work on things together it’s very rewarding.

Why is Lovepreneur the answer for entrepreneurs looking to balance business and love?

  • Because Love is not Enough. 
  • A stressful relationship is not a happy relationship. 
  • Everyone around you must have a Mindset Shift. Especially the one you sleeping with 

 LOVEPRENEUR is a proven formula. It is a tried and tested system that if applied, your business practices and your love for each other will heighten to new levels. 

Lovepreneur is a lifestyle that entrepreneur couples need to incorporate into their everyday hustle and bustle to avoid destruction, division, or divorce. 

LOVEPRENEUR encourages a goal-driven kind of love. This community is needed for a support system, guidance, encouragement, resources, exposure, and accountability 

What can entrepreneurs expect after joining The Lovepreneur community?

  • Couples Accountability in Love & Business. 
  • How to Start, Manage and/or scale your businesses 
  • Learn and discover secrets to a successful Love & Business partnership. 
  • Expand your network with other like-minded couples.
  • Success in both their love foundation and business pursuits 
  • A different perspective of doing business with your partner. 

Couples within the network have expertise in all different industries. 

⁃ Business opportunities 

⁃ Travel opportunities 

⁃ The proper foundation of family  

What is your definition of a Man or Woman who hustles?
A hustler executes business with passion and intentionality. A person who has a goal and a purpose, and the drive to achieve those.

Our definition of a hustler is a man or woman that sees no end to possibility & opportunity. One who doesn’t allow lack of luxury slight his or her pursuit of their vision, goals, and dreams.

A hustler is a risk-taker, resilient, bold, and fast to execute within the integrity of being fair with everyone they do business with

Definition of a LOVEPRENEUR
‘\ ‘love • business. not war’/
1: Attraction based on business goals, chemistry, sexual desire: affection and tenderness felt by lovers 2 : One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks (with a partner) of building an enterprise

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