Saying Bye Bye To Mom Guilt With Mompreneur Kechia Taylor

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Parenting is truly a blessing. Watching your child grow throughout the various stages of life is priceless. While most mothers have a good grip on motherhood, mompreneurs often experience a different version. The mompreneur version involves mom guilt, needing a consistent village, and learning how to multitask. In the beginning stages of entrepreneurship and mommy life, one often experiences the most challenging situations. 

Beauty mogul, Kechia Taylor, knows about this lifestyle from firsthand experience. Her luxury brand known as Brows and Co was built from the ground up with her hustle, tears, and motivation. “A mompreneur is a boss!,” Kechia exclaims. Despite this notion, mom guilt is still a real emotion. “Mom guilt will play on your emotions if you let it,” she continues. 

Here’s what Kechia Taylor mentioned about the early stages of mompreneur life, how to handle mom guilt, and more:

When your career began, how did you manage your day-to-day business while


“Oh my goodness, I sucked at it! I managed by taking my children to work. They hated it, but I had to be there building my business. Some days they were in the studio with me for 12 hours because daycare was closed. But being present in this space impacted them in a positive way and both of my children are now entrepreneurs.”

How does your “village” impact your home and business life?

“I’ve always kept quiet about the things I was working on in my business. There were a

limited number of people who knew what I was doing. I didn’t share with too many people because I didn’t want any outside “noise” or negative opinions. I just wanted to lock in and focus to build my brand.”

How did mom guilt impact your life?

“A lot! I always feel guilty that I had to encourage them to be independent earlier. There were times when I had to go on trips for my business and my kids couldn’t go. But on the positive side, all of the work I’ve put in has made it easier for my children. They won’t have to work as hard and they have tons of access to things to help grow their businesses. For example, because I own a beauty studio, my daughter has a space for her to open her barbering company once she graduates.”

How can working moms thrive in their business life?

“The most important thing is to incorporate your kids within your business. That’s what I

did and continue to do. I incorporate my children so they have a better understanding of what I’m doing and how the entrepreneurial lifestyle works. They now want it because it’s

what they grew up seeing. Another important thing is for moms to really take care of themselves. Do something for yourself every day. Even when your schedule is full, pause and take care of yourself.”

What self-care practices help you thrive daily?

“I meditate every day! I also work out a ton and love having a spa day.”

Being a mompreneur is no small task. We experience more challenges than most entrepreneurs. However, those challenges can be turned into positive changes and goal-oriented mind shifts to incorporate best practices. Connect with Kechia Taylor of Brows and Co by visiting her on Instagram as @browsandcompany and

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, author, and social worker. Follow her online as @curls_coils.

Chaundra Scott

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, author and blogger. Follow her online as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife.

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