“Jennifer Lopez – Halftime” A two-part review

“Jennifer Lopez – Halftime” A two-part review

Hello Pretty Women Hustle readers! I’m changing things up for you today. Typically, I do a review on something I have already watched but what I wanted to try now is doing a two-part review – before and after I watch it.

They say to never meet your heroes because you might be disappointed and although this “meet” is virtual for me I am really hoping this popular phrase is wrong. I have been dancing and singing (way off-key) to J.LO for many years now and I always wondered what type of person she should be in real life. Watching the previews at first glance it was quite hard to tell which side I would be seeing but hearing J.LO talking about her insecurities in one scene really was an eye-opener for me. I have always seen this put-together version that I aspired to be (I mean, don’t we all see these versions of all celebrities?), I still aspire to be like her (I doubt this movie will change that) but it was a nice reminder that we should be striving for happiness and not perfection.

Seeing as how this “review’ is a little shorter than my past ones, I want to know your thoughts. Have you seen this documentary? Has it changed your view on Jennifer Lopez? Did you enjoy the film?

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