“Jennifer Lopez – Halftime” A two-part review

Hello Pretty Women Hustle readers! I’m changing things up for you today. Typically, I do a review on something I have already watched but what I wanted to try now is doing a two-part review – before and after I watch it.

They say to never meet your heroes because you might be disappointed and although this “meet” is virtual for me I am really hoping this popular phrase is wrong. I have been dancing and singing (way off-key) to J.LO for many years now and I always wondered what type of person she should be in real life. Watching the previews at first glance it was quite hard to tell which side I would be seeing but hearing J.LO talking about her insecurities in one scene really was an eye-opener for me. I have always seen this put-together version that I aspired to be (I mean, don’t we all see these versions of all celebrities?), I still aspire to be like her (I doubt this movie will change that) but it was a nice reminder that we should be striving for happiness and not perfection.

Seeing as how this “review’ is a little shorter than my past ones, I want to know your thoughts. Have you seen this documentary? Has it changed your view on Jennifer Lopez? Did you enjoy the film?

Comment on our post or slide into our DM’s and let us know your thoughts!

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