Meet Dr. Jacqueline King

Meet Dr. Jacqueline King

Dr. Jacqueline King was born in North Carolina and now resides in Indiana. She went to college, majored in Business Administration and worked for an Electric company for over 25 years. After retirement,  Dr. King started Black Women Empowered. This was over ten years ago after watching Black Girls Rock on BET.  She started in a group on Facebook with just over two hundred women. That same group today has over two hundred thousand Black women. Since then, she’s launched several FB Pages with millions of followers.  She has over seventy thousand followers on Instagram, over one hundred thousand on Pinterest, over two hundred thousand on LinkedIn, just under three thousand on Twitter and over ten thousand on TikTok.  Black Women Empowered is a Social Media Ministry/Network. Dr. King has spent years empowering women and men to love themselves and to love and support one another. She started the Non-Profit, Black Women Empowered Safe Haven to help homeless/struggling women, specifically veterans with a strong focus on domestic violence and mental illness.

What inspired your start with Black Women Empowered?

 I was inspired after watching the first “Black Girls Rock” on BET. I felt that the excitement for and from black and brown girls should not just be a once-a-year occasion but a lifetime of encouragement and empowerment.

What are the biggest challenges you face as an entrepreneur and leader of such a powerful organization?

My biggest challenge is getting women to see the power they hold when they work together instead of individually. We are stronger together. 

What does your current self-care routine look like for you? 

I listen to my body, if I am tired, I get to rest. I exercise, try to eat healthy meals, and stay away from negativity but surround myself with positive people who help me grow.

What are some of the most common questions you receive about becoming a leading organization with the purpose of Empowering Black women? 

How did you get started and did you ever think you would be this large?

How do you hope to continue growing your brand over the next couple of years? 

Dr. Mathew Knowles (Beyonces’ Father) and I are launching a spiritually driven Business Network which will be a huge resource to all women, but specifically black and brown women. They will be able to be mentored by Dr. Knowles himself and some other high-profile leaders. We will have resources to help start and grow businesses as well as inspiration. 

Can you name a female entrepreneur that inspires you? 

There are several, Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, and Cathleen Trigg-Jones just to name a few.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

To me pretty is from the inside out so if you have a pretty spirit/soul it will show and combine it with a strong can-do-anything work ethic is a great definition of a Pretty Woman who Hustles. She may not always get it right the first time but failure is not an option.

Dr. Jacqueline King Ph.D. CEO/Founder Black Women Empowered Incorporated


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