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“A business that solves all your formatting mysteries.”

Document Whisperer was formed May of 2021 in New York State by Elecia Almekinder, who resides in Rochester, New York, and Janine Nash, from Cincinnati, Ohio. Document Whisperer collectively brings 25+ years of experience in computer support and software training in several industries, from non-profit to legal, corporate, university, and technology. Providing document formatting services, produce templates and forms, as well as marketing materials. Applications include Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Google Workspace, and PDF editing with Kofax and Adobe. They are passionate about educating their clients with training for a variety of document management systems.

“Our breadth and depth of experience is the reason we are great at what we do. Our love for teaching is our “why!” We enjoy seeing the “light bulbs” turn on for our learners, when they come to realize their full potential. There is an educational disparity between some communities; our intention is to help bridge that gap within the corner of the world we have been charged to serve. We teach learners how to “fish” to build their confidence, so they are comfortable using standard office applications and the tools needed to gain viable employment, as well as facilitate growth in their current positions.”

Elecia Almekinder’s career background is well-rounded; both in experience and industry. From grant writing to founding the first word processing business in Chicago, she is a visionary. As vice president of the first company in the United States to produce research abstract reports, she helped deliver cutting edge information to corporate and law librarians. Elecia has helped fundraise for art galleries and managed the document production section of IT for the United Way of Greater Rochester. There, she helped deploy decentralized PC technology to staff and realized her love for training! She believed matching the learner’s logic to the system’s logic would significantly facilitate the learning process and help learners build confidence in being more efficient and effective in their jobs. Elecia cares about the person and focuses on reducing frustrations and the mysteries of technology to help learners become masters of their careers.

Janine Nash received a Pell grant to attend a word processing class… her career catalyst. She graduated early and was immediately hired by Aetna in their Commercial Insurance division. The company paid for computer training and promoted her from word processing to computer support. She later moved
on as a consultant at Proctor and Gamble in computer support and network administration, then on to research and development. An opportunity to move into the public sector as an IT Manager opened up at (what was then known as) the Greater Cincinnati One-Stop Career Resource Center. The OneStop was a collaboration of community-based organizations that conveniently served residents with relevant employment services in one place; from classes on interviewing skills to a computer lab for job searching. The network included organizations such as Dress for Success, Urban League, Community Action Agency, United Way, etc. Janine was responsible for designing and implementing the computer network that connected these organizations and provided software training for staff and the community they served. This is where she discovered her passion for teaching. She eventually moved on to a Project Management and Trainer position with a mid-size law firm.

More Insight to the business is provided with Interview Questions

Are the services you provide limited to business owners?

Our clientele consists of software companies to self-published authors. A great position for Document Whisperer LLC is there are no limitations for whom or where we serve! Our breadth of experience includes industries from non-profit to legal, as well as creatives. We have formatted anything from legal contracts to movie scripts.

What is your target client audience?

Our target client audience is anyone who either wants to learn how to better use their software applications or want someone else to just do the job. The job being anything from document formatting, creating PowerPoint presentations, or Excel spreadsheets to track inventory, etc.

What do you feel most of your clients struggle with and why?

In our experience, our clients struggle with managing documents; especially if those documents have several cooks in the kitchen. It is amazing how complex electronic documents are! Knowing how to properly format a document significantly reduce the major frustrations many of our clients face. Not understanding why a document’s font suddenly changes when pasting content, or why they cannot quickly build a Table of Contents, can waste a lot of time many do not have!

Do you think educating your customers will prevent returning clients?

Our tag line is, “We solve your document formatting mysteries and train YOU to do the same.” We want our clients to be self-sufficient, and there will always be something to learn! However, several of our clients just want someone to do the work for them, and we are here for it!

How has building a virtual office benefited your business ?

Building a virtual office is more cost effective for both Document Whisperer LLC and our clients. It also allows us to quickly be wherever the work is, whenever it is needed.

These two women as a team provides free workshops via online to help provide guidance to those seeking help in certain areas. Currently they are assisting Authors, a career that has spiked over the last few years, providing them manuscript formatting. They are able to provide e-book and print formats, a table of contents, and making sure it pass the requirements for publishing. If you are a writer or business owner who struggles with Microsoft software, PDF formats or the formatting of a manuscript, then you should reach out to obtain their services.

Contact Information

V: (585) 328-9893

Social Media Contact

Facebook – Document Whisperer LLC

Instagram – Docwhisp

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