From The Basketball Court to To CEO: Meet Jaquese “JQ” Smith

Jaquese “JQ” Smith is a former NCAA basketball athlete who has played at the collegiate level. A graduate of Liberty University, Smith earned her Masters in Human Services and Communication Studies while balancing life as a student-athlete.

Using her wealth of experience as an athlete coupled with her desire to be of service; Smith has been able to successfully parlay her firsthand experience and media savvy into a career in public relations.

Keep reading as we take a inside look into her passion and how her brand got its start:

Who is JQ Smith in one sentence?

Jaquese “JQ” Smith is an ambitious, genuine and loyal individual who enjoys helping others.

When did you play your first sport and what was it? Who was your earliest example in sports?

I first began playing basketball at the age of 12. Allen Iverson is who I looked up to in basketball.

When did you realize you had a passion for sports? You could have joined any industry in the world, when did you have your aha moment?

My passion for sports came at a very early age. My dad would take me to the basketball courts in LA and I would watch him play with his friends. My aha moment is when I was in Graduate school in Virginia while interning for Liberty University football program as a Marketing Assistant. From that moment, I knew that I wanted to grow in the sports space.

Tell us about your company JQSportsPR, What can clients expect when joining your roster?

JQSportsPR, LLC is a sports public relations agency that works with athletes and sport brands. We work with athletes ranging from high school to post career. Our primary focus is to help the client create, build and maintain their personal or company’s brand. When working with our agency, clients will witness effective PR strategies that are put in place to maximize media and public attention. We also emphasize the importance of branding education.

What message are you trying to pour into young talent that you work with?

Always have a back up plan and don’t just settle on your athletic career for an everlasting reputation. As a high school athlete, you have to remember that this is a business and you must make logical and strategic decisions in everything you do because you are a business.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far? What has been your greatest lesson?

My greatest highlight of my career thus far is being able to work with a wide range of talented athletes ranging from highschool to the professional level. My greatest lesson so far is to be your own cheerleader and don’t look to others for validations.

What can your supporters expect from you next?

My supporters can expect to see me conducting more sports celebrity interviews as well continuing to build my new Counted Me Out Podcast.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is someone that is beautiful and confident from within and who is not going to allow anyone or anything get in their way of reaching their dreams and aspirations.

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