Serving Those Without Mothers, Shaping The Way We View Grief: Meet Grief Coach Shameka Williams

 Shameka Williams the Founder and CEO of Baltimore-Based Non-Profit: Those Without Mothers, created to support those who are grieving the loss of their Mother. In addition, she owns S. Williams Brand, an executive assistant agency, and is the host of the Being BiPolar Podcast. A Certified Grief Coach, Shameka is passionate about helping people develop the tools needed to process their grief through her company: From Grief to Love. She is a motivational speaker and does community work within the gun violence space.

Tell us about your organization “Those without mothers”? 

My organization Those Without Mothers is a community I created to ensure that those who have lost their mother, mother figure, aunt, or strong female figure in their life know that not only are they not only but there are resources available for them to travel through their grief.
How can those battling grief get involved? What services or programs do you currently offer? Our community has different methods of being able to join us. We have a website that individuals can subscribe to to get our events and resources. And find a healing partner if they need one. We also have a private Facebook page where our community meets to talk and raise concerns or just talk about when they are having a rough day.

We offer group coaching, grief counseling, and financial services for those who struggle to pay for basic needs including therapy.

Share a little about the grieving process and the benefits of having an organization like “Those Without Mothers” in your corner.

The benefit of having an organization like those without mothers in your corner is that you always have someone: 1. To pull you out when u can’t pull yourself out 2. You can mentally work through not only the process of the loss of your loved one but the loss of who u were before the loss. 
The grieving process is complex and is not one size fits all so every person must be allowed to get the help and support they need for their particular situation. We are all familiar with the 5 steps of grieving but there are so many steps that go unidentified depending on the situations surrounding the loss so the most effective way to grieve is with help.

What message do you hope women take away from your organization? 

I hope that women take away that they have a right to grieve. They have a right to prioritize their feelings around any loss not just those surrounding death. Grief is not exclusive to death so every individual must allow the loss to show up how it needs to to process the loss properly. There is no right or wrong way to grieve but it’s important, especially for women that they understand it’s ok to take the cape off to tend to their hearts and minds.

Tell us about your podcast, what can women expect when listening in? 

My podcast for those without mothers is focusing on encouraging and pouring life into every person. Sometimes we all just need a push to help us to get to the place we want to be but can’t see at the time. The podcast holds a level of accountability, encouragement, and motivation.

What can we expect from you and your organization next?

TWM has for the past two years been focused in the DMV area but now we will be transitioning to global impact. We are looking to have partnerships, events, and conferences that will leave people feeling empowered and supported. More events during the year are everywhere.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

A pretty woman who hustles is a beautiful woman outside who has a beautiful mind and soul who not only cares about the state of her own business but her community. She hustles not just for herself but for those in the world who can’t speak for themselves.

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