Latoya Cooper: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Think Pink Persona

Latoya Cooper is the founder of Think Pink Persona, the #1 online community dedicated to teaching women “new entrepreneurs” how to create a “buyer persona” that simplifies marketing and skyrockets online sales! Latoya is a successful self-sustained businesswoman sought after by the business industry channels for her expertise and fresh direct approach. Not only is she a brand strategist who works to assist entrepreneurs through her public speaking and successful conferences, such as the Think Pink Power Conference, but she is also a best-selling author and coach.

Prior to entering the business industry, Latoya was a vocalist who later devoted her knowledge of the music business to helping musicians develop their brand and learn more about the popular industry they were involved in. She strives to inform others of new ways to acquire success with her many efforts. Latoya has been featured in publications such as Good Morning Texas, Rolling Out, and Essence Magazine and mentioned by others such as Amanda Seales and the Women In Music organization. Now, Latoya is preparing for her upcoming TedX Talk, women in business conference featuring Chrisette Michele, and upcoming book release.

We had the unique opportunity of sitting down with CEO Latoya Cooper to discuss her passion for education female entrepreneurs and her mission for her conference.

Outside of entrepreneurship & business, who is Latoya Cooper?

Apart from my entrepreneurial ventures and business pursuits, I am a multifaceted individual with a passion for artistry, music, and writing. I embrace my free-spirited nature and find the utmost joy in the company of my family and cherished ones. My heart finds solace in nature’s embrace, and my dear cat, Pumpkin, never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Among my diverse interests, I delight in savoring fine wine, and exploring new destinations while traveling and immersing myself in the world of literature. Expressing my creativity through makeup and honing my skills as a songwriter are also fulfilling activities for me. Additionally, I prioritize self-care by indulging in spa treatments, caring for my hair, and nurturing my nails.

In essence, taking care of myself and cultivating self-love are pivotal aspects of my life, ensuring I stay balanced and content in all my endeavors.

When did you realize that you had a passion for educating female entrepreneurs?

During my college years, I discovered that my true passion lay in empowering women entrepreneurs through education. Naturally inclined towards teaching and possessing a visionary spirit, I always found immense joy in imparting knowledge and wisdom. Initially, my path in college was set on becoming a music teacher, but external influences steered me away from that path.

Nonetheless, the flame of my teaching passion persisted despite life’s hurdles and challenges. Eventually, I was fortunate enough to rediscover my way back to my true calling. Working closely with women, especially those from diverse backgrounds, fills me with a sense of enlightenment and empowerment. I firmly believe in the transformative power of information and am driven to share my wisdom with as many individuals as possible, fostering progress, joy, and confidence in their entrepreneurial journey.

Tell us about “Think Pink Persona”?

Our brand name “Think Pink Persona” symbolizes a heartfelt yet bold and confident approach. “Think Pink Persona” is committed to closing the opportunity gap for women new to entrepreneurship. We help courageous women new to entrepreneurship create a “Buyer Persona” that simplifies marketing and increases sales. Helping women master the fundamental basics of business, marketing, branding, and sales sets them on a path to success. My advantage as a teacher is being a visionary. I am able to break down complex concepts into clear, understandable ideas.

What would you say has been the most common misconception you find when it comes to being successful with online sales?

The most common misconception in achieving success with online sales is overcomplicating the process. Simplicity and clarity are key. Starting with fundamental steps is vital, yet people often skip them and look at successful brands’ later phases. I believe in mastering the foundational skills, as that forms a strong base for any business.

Take us through a typical session with you. What message do you hope women take away from their time with you?

A typical session with me starts with being emotionally and mentally present with my client. Allowing my client to share how they are feeling and what is happening in their life. This gives me an opportunity to understand my client’s roadblocks. We address emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects alongside practical skills like creating a buyer persona and communication strategies. My ultimate aspiration is for women to internalize a powerful message: they are inherently deserving, valuable, and fully capable of achieving their dreams. Armed with this newfound self-assurance, they can fearlessly pursue their visions, and I stand by their side to skillfully guide them toward mastering this ability.

Tell us about the Think Pink Power Conference. Who is this conference for?

The “Think Pink Power Conference” is an annual event for courageous women new to entrepreneurship, who are ready to create an unstoppable business and brand they love. The event features a lineup of inspiring speakers who cover diverse subjects such as branding, marketing, spirituality, and health, all contributing to the attendees’ entrepreneurial success. We actively engage the entrepreneurial community in the selection of speakers and topics, valuing their input in shaping the content and overall experience of the event. Our goal is to become the most impactful entrepreneurial conference for women on a global scale

You are currently preparing for your upcoming TEDX talk? What can readers anticipate?

In my upcoming TEDx Talk, I’ll be emphasizing the power of listening to your inner compass, even if it upsets others. You can expect to leave feeling motivated, inspired, and confident in your decision-making and life path.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who hustles?

To me, a “Pretty Woman Who Hustles” is a confident, ambitious woman with vision and a sense of purpose for her life. She values her time and is unapologetic about her desire for success and financial independence. She understands that making lots of money is not something to be ashamed of and is driven to fulfill her mission and goals.

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