Meet Author Dominique Jones

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

Dominique aka Dōmo is just a girl that wants to share her story with as many people as she can hoping to help just one. From being diagnosed with a brain tumor at age nine to going through 187 chemotherapy treatments, she realized her story wasn’t just meant for her. But people that needed to hear her journey. During the pandemic is when she decided to take that leap, using that time to make the best of it. March 2020, she self-published her first autobiography called “#DamagedButNotDead.” She kept that momentum by self-publishing her second book called “Self-talk…But You Can Eavesdrop Too” in August of that same year. This collection of inspirational quotes started during the hardest physical and mental times of her life, so why not share it with others.

Yes, she has a disability, but a disability is not an inability. She just customizes it to fit her. After having to use a walker at age 22, she developed a business called “WalkingByDesign” which customizes medical accessories. Not stopping there, she recently opened an online store called “Salve” which promotes her motto “Don’t let the disability fool you.” During the promotion phase of interviews, Podcasting became an interest of hers but wanted to make it fit who she represents as a person. In October 2020, she started her Podcast titled the same motto interviewing the disabled community and essential caregivers.

During her journey, she realized there was a way she could help people like her who live with disabilities, so she became a Master Certified Disability Confidence Coach in February 2021. During her journey to being more in the spotlight of sharing her story, she was offered her own show on She Is Still Dope Network called “Don’t Let The Disability Fool You” where she’ll have a platform to enlighten the life of being disabled and still deciding to find value in living. She’s a business owner with a disability, a Master Life Coach with muscle weakness, a podcast host that breaks the stigma, and an author with a bold personality…she contradicts every rule out there!! So now that you know her, you know you’re friends forever, right?! Oh and the most important things you need to know: she loves earmuffs and she loves YOU!!

At what moment did you discover your love for writing?
I always thought a good writer was someone who had the perfect combination of words and phrases to create a great story but once I realized my life was just enough to write about, I never ran out of something to write about. I write who I am.

What inspired your books: #Damagedbutnotdead and Self Talk…but you can eavesdrop, too?
My first book was my grandpa. Before he passed he told me I needed to write it and it took me eight years to pick up a pen. My second book was inspired during my six years of chemotherapy treatments. They were mental notes I’d say time myself to keep my mind strengthened.

What message do you hope women take away from your work?
Two things: Confidence looks good on you. Get it in every color and God gave you another day above ground, don’t make Him regret it because you don’t see the value in what He created in you.

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 5 years?
Yo I want to be on Oprah’s desk, in Ellen’s ear, and Tyler Perry’s to-do lists

What is next for you?
I just started a live talk show being the first disability talk show host interviewing guests with all disabilities and how they break the stigma beyond their conditions. I’m also currently writing my third book.

If you could encourage a room full of upcoming writers, what would you say?
Your journey will help others heal…remember that when you feel like you’re tapped out

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Meet Author Jennifer Diaby

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

Author Jennifer Diaby is the Founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization called Growth Women’s Prayer Ministry. An Alumni of Columbia College, Ms. Diaby earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs in 2005. She attended New Covenant International Bible College and earned her certification in Christian Marriage Counseling in 2015. Ms. Diaby completed her Master’s degree in Not-For-Profit/Organizational Leadership from the School of Business & Leadership at Regent University in May 2019. Author Jennifer Diaby strives to encourage, inspire, uplift women and all her followers on social media who need to heal from emotional hurt and pain.

Ms. Diaby was one of the co-authors in an anthology book, “Pain 2 Passion: Our Valley Experience” which made her a Best-Selling Author. Over the last few years, she has contributed to four anthology books, self-published three books, and two devotional scripture journals. Ms. Diaby released her first book, “Growth: My Journey Of Spiritual Growth To Emotional Healing And Forgiveness in November 2016, which included effective prayers, positive affirmations, and scriptures inside of it. She released her first children’s book in February 2017 called “God Did The Miracle: A Special Blessing From God.”In December 2018, God’s Readings On Women To Heal- G.R.O.W.T.H was released to bring healing, growth, restoration to women emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is a 30-Day Devotional Scripture Journal to help us pray over every area of our lives. In May 2019, Author Jennifer Diaby released her second children’s book, “The Beautiful Little Princess Who Prays For Everyone.” An inspirational Christian children’s book that will encourage and inspire the reader to pray to God in every circumstance. Included in this children’s book are prayers and scriptures. Author Jennifer Diaby’s second devotional journal called “Believer’s Growing in Christ 30 Days of Prayer and Scripture” will be released in February 2020. It was created to help the readers grow in a closer relationship with God when applying faith to receive answers to their prayers. It will assist in strengthening the Believer’s faith to continue to grow daily while overcoming everyday situations that cause emotional hurt and pain. This devotional journal teaches you that consistent prayers and scriptures will bring forth answers to your prayers, blessings, breakthroughs, and miracles in your life.

Bestselling Author Jennifer Diaby is also the Founder/CEO of Growth Women’s Business Networks Magazine where she advertises for women in various industries of business.

Here are a few highlights of what she has been nominated and recognized:

Author Jennifer Diaby has been recognized for her Best-Selling books along with her work in human services and ministry.
-Author Jennifer Diaby’s first Christian children’s book, “God Did The Miracle: A Special From God” was nominated for an Author Elite Awards in 2019.
-Author Jennifer Diaby’s first Christian children’s book, “The Beautiful Little Princess Who Prays For Everyone” was nominated for an Author Elite Awards in 2020.
-Recognized with an SC Senate Resolution for human services and inspirational ministry work to encourage others.
-2019-2020 ACHI Award nominee in four different categories Author of the Year, Woman of Inspiration, Woman on the Rise, and Nonprofit Executive.
-2021 Reader’s Choice Awards for her children’s book, The Beautiful Little Princess Who Prays For Everyone.”
-Winner of a “2021 I AM H.E.R INTERNATIONAL AWARD” for Magazine of the Year

At what moment did you discover your passion for writing?

I discovered my passion for writing when I was around 8 years old I noticed that I love to read books and write. I started writing for the school newspaper in elementary school where I had a passion to write stories about other students who were doing phenomenal things to make a difference in the school and within their communities.

You were already an entrepreneur, how did becoming an author impact your brand?

I think becoming an author impacted my brand to grow and reach more people. My books are written to encourage, inspire, and uplift my followers on a daily basis, so through my brand, more people are able to be impacted in a positive way.

You have been a part of several anthologies, what is the key to sharing your story effectively when there are so many other stories involved?

The key to sharing my story effectively is that I write words from my heart that will encourage and help others to move forward in their purpose.

You have published several devotionals along with other books, what message speaks true throughout your work?

The message that speaks true throughout my work is to always put your trust in God and trust Him. It is important to build a closer relationship with God and keep a strong prayer life to get you through the challenging and difficult times in life. Throughout all of my books, I emphasized the importance of having a relationship with God, a strong prayer life, and reading the Bible daily.

 Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

In the next 3-5 years, I would like to see myself continuing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my ministry. I would love to do work as a Christian Life Coach to assist women to heal emotionally from their past and to move forward into their purpose. In the future, I want to create and start up my own publishing company to help authors publish their books.

Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? Women who do not give up, but through perseverance move forward in life.

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Meet Author Shanell Monique

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

Shanell Monique A Native of New Orleans could be appropriately described as a “serial entrepreneur”. She is an Oklahoma City-based writer that has authored several books entitled “Broken Silence” and “Love & Confidence Journal,” which were released in December 2017 and in April 2018. She was inspired to compose “The Wife Between Us” in the wake of her divorce.

Shanell is an empowerment extraordinaire in her own right. She is the proud owner of Shanell Monique Love&Confidence LLC and Founder of Every Child Is A Story Yet To Be Told Foundation — She also has a newly-established eyelash business — as well as Stay Glossy, her rising lip gloss venture — a pair of newly-erected endeavors she hopes will reap a considerable amount of success now that the national economic landscape is reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

What sparked your interest in writing?

Writing has always been something I enjoyed. It was the only way to express my feeling. It first sparked my interest when my English teacher used to tell me I had a wild imagination. But It wasn’t until I went through my divorce when I really made the decision to write. I wanted to encourage other women because sometimes we don’t notice the beauty we already possess because we’re too busy trying to create it. I tell people all the time, Only if y’all knew how motivated I’ve been by the PAIN I been through. It means so much to me to help other women with their confidence Because I remember at one time when I myself lost confidence in myself and didn’t think I was enough or worthy that’s why I have to keep promoting Self-love. Self Love is easier when you stop trying to figure out why they don’t love you & instead figure out why YOU don’t love you. – “I hear so many women say they felt “stupid” for staying and trying to make it work even when deep down inside they knew nothing would ever change. They are me,I was them, I remind them that they are Beautiful Strong Women. And they were never “stupid.” They were in love, and real love is not something a Good Woman simply walks away from. She fights for it! She cries for it! She holds on to it until it burns at the very core of her soul. No… they were never “stupid.” They were real. If anyone was stupid, it was the wrong Man who lost them. Why? Because he may never know just how close he came to receiving the blessing of a lifetime.” I just want all women to love themselves first, chase their dreams, make mistakes (and learn from them), believe in God’s plan, they are more beautiful than they will ever know, and oh so smart, there is no one else like them in the entire world, they are loved. So going through my divorce is what really sparked the fuse.

At what point did you realize you had a story to share?

I realized I had a Story to share or should I say I realized it was time to share my story when I went through a depressing (state)  my strength was merely superficial underneath a beautiful shell that appeared confident, well put together, and secure, but a different person ruled my life, on the inside , I was broken . So that’s how I knew I had a Story and that’s how I knew it was time to share my story. 

What message do you hope readers receive from your books?

The message I hope my readers is receiving: My story is not a good or happy story but I made it through and so can the next person. I don’t complain. My brand is just about helping women WIN. in life and in love. No more masks, no more pretending, no more feeling like they’re not enough, and no more being society’s definition of a strong independent woman. I am a firm believer in living a balanced life. I understand that in order to be successful in business, your home, and personal life must be in order as well. Don’t be afraid to start over. This time I’m not starting from scratch, I’m starting from experience. The world should know Every storm reveals. Every storm challenges you. If you can’t see the blessing in the storm and mishandle it, you will see that same storm again so handle it with praise. Good times are good but who you are in the midst of the storm is your greatness.

Where can readers purchase your work?

Readers can purchase from they can also purchase from

Do you have any upcoming projects to share?

Besides my new lip gloss and eyelash line. My newest project will be my nonprofit Foundation: Every Child Is A Story Yet To Be Told. I will also be releasing The Wife Between Us Episode Two this year.

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Meet Author Leah-Ashley McCauley

For the next 100 days, We are featuring Female Authors from across the nation for the sole purpose of highlighting books created by women for women.

Leah-Ashley McCauley was born and raised in Portland, OR. where she developed her passion for writing and storytelling at a very young age. The journey of life took her through many obstacles before she decided to reconnect with her first love, writing. She is now the author of Highlights and Brown Sugar, a collection of short stories and poems. Leah-Ashley is set to release her first novel in 2021 and currently resides on the East Coast, for now, while working hard on her next project.

 When did you realize you held a gift for writing?

I would say I realized my gift when I was in second grade. I loved to read and through that, I discovered a love of creating my own stories to share with my family and friends. The elementary school I went to let us make our own books that were placed in the library. I remember my first book “Detective Leah” became a favorite amongst other students and that further fueled my passion for writing.

How would you describe your writing in four words?

My writing is influential. 

If you could pinpoint one common message from your work, what would it be?

That you can always rise above your situation. We are often a lot stronger than we realize so I believe it is imperative that we get out of our own heads and live! 

What inspired your latest novel “I know who the devil is”?

My book is a non-fiction piece that is based on a severely abusive relationship I found myself in, with an older man, at nineteen years old.

Can you describe your creative writing process?

I always start with a title, whether or not that title makes it to the final project doesn’t matter to me, it gives me a way to visualize my plot. From there I am able to flesh out the story and each character. I also like to let my creative juices flow on paper… so I write without worrying about errors then go back and revise later. 

 What is next for you?

I am constantly creating so the next thing I plan to put out is a book of poetry and short stories. I have a fiction novel in the works as well that I am hoping to release next year. 

How can readers connect with you? 

Readers can connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook! I am always interested in discussing my work and the writing world as a whole. I feel like every conversation is a learning experience. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

Being pretty is something that shines from the inside out. When she is pretty on the inside it reflects, and to see that same woman with drive, and ambition really showcases the hustle in her. A Pretty Woman Who Hustles gets it by any means necessary, confident in her abilities and demeanor. 

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