Wife Mother Hustler: Tahirah

Tahirah is a Wife, Mother, and Hustler. Known as a brand and beauty influence. She is the owner of Popular brands: Wife.Mother.Hustler and The Faded Beauty. We had the opportunity to learn more about this beautiful Entrepreneur

PWH: Describe your brand as a whole in 3 words:

T: Unapologetic, Relatable, Unexpected

PWH: What is a typical day like, balancing marriage, twins, and your career?

T: It’s a process. At times I do feel like I don’t have enough time or hands to accommodate everyone and everything. What keeps me from getting overwhelmed is time management and planning.

PWH: What inspired Wife. Mother. Hustler?

T: When I was single, I considered myself to be a hustler. I had so much drive and ambition as a young girl trying to make it in this world. Along the journey, I got married and had children. Society says when we do start a family, all of that has to end, or we have to choose between the two. I create WIFE MOTHER HUSTLER to celebrate the woman who still wants it all. You can be a Wife, Mother, and continue to be a working woman or Entrepreneur.

PWH: Describe your unique fashion style?

T: I’ve always been a Tomboy. I didn’t start wearing skirts (well I still don’t like skirts) or dresses until after high school. I want to look street chic, androgynous chic or tomboy femme. I’m a mommy who has a shaved head, piercings, and tattoos.

PWH: When searching for short hair inspiration, your picture quickly shows up. What inspired your haircut?

T: I always wore my hair short since the age of 15. I identified myself as someone who didn’t like the look of long hair very early in life. My mother is South African, as well. Women from all over the continent have been wearing shaved seems because of the heat, religious and cultural reasons. In a way, I’m acknowledging my heritage and paying homage to my mothers country.

PWH: You are very confident and fearless when it comes to your style. What advice do you have for someone on the fence of trying something new?

T: My advice is always to follow your heart and always go with the first choice. Don’t worry about what someone might think of you; what matters is what you feel about yourself. If the style is seen a million times before, it has never been done on you, and that’s what makes it unique.

PWH: When you think of a pretty woman who hustles, what crosses your mind?

T: What makes us pretty is attitude. You can have a look but still be a basic chic because of your personality. A pretty hustler leaves a lasting impression because of her morals and integrity and the people she surrounds herself with.


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