Real-Estate Mogul: Kimberly M. Christophe

When Kim talks , the real estate world listens. She is direct, honest and able to expertly maneuver through the twist and turns of Baton Rouge real estate market without missing a beat. Thanks to her savvy demeanor, relaxed confidence and engaged spirit, her customers find the whole experience fun and rewarding from start to finish. She is definitely her own BOSS.

Behind Kim’s charismatic charm is a smart, tough, serious and very successful master of real estate, who sees the world as she knows it should be and then works to help make it happen. She has earned the respect and admiration of her fellow brokers, agents, along with and impressive base of buyers and sellers. Kim also works closely with the Mayor and City of New Roads to revitalize the community.

Kimberly has been servicing the community for 14 years selling real estate in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. In addition to her real estate career she has a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and has a passion for working with hospice (end of life care). Kimberly is a proud native of New Roads and  devoted mother of 3 beautiful children, Kelvin, Haylie, and Drayce. In the family’s spare time they enjoy going to the country for a day filled with fun riding horses and 4 wheeler’s.

PW: Let’s start with, how does someone get into the real estate industry?

KC: The Real Estate Industry is one of the most sought after careers of the 21st century. Like any career you must take the Real Estate Course and pass the exam to become a licensed realtor.

PW: What sparked your passion in selling homes?

KC: I have always had a passion in home design/decor. I would sit and watch home shows on HGTV to get staging ideas. That love of home decor lead me in the path of home sales where I gained an even bigger interest. I purchase my first home at the age of 21. My realtor at the time did not represent me properly and being so young, I was messed over in the process.Due to my experience,  I was motivated to get my license and help other young homeowners like myself purchase homes with proper representation.

PW: Did you have key mentors, if so how did they impact your career? 

KC: Mentors: Denise Harris. She was my first Broker, I watched her grow her business as a BLACK SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS WOMAN and wanted to duplicate what she did. She taught me how to talk, walk, and think as a business. I can still call her today for advice and she is always there and for that I’m forever grateful to have crossed paths with her.

PW: Where does your drive come from, you could do anything in the world at this point? What motivates you to keep showing up for work?

KC: My drive comes from my passion to help others succeed. Our generation has started to break generational curses and some of my clients are become not only First Time Home Buyers, but First Time Home owners of their families. Changing stereotype and take advantage of the opportunities that are placed before us, well that’s priceless.

My motivation is truly my KIDS. I wake up every morning and hustle hard everyday to make sure I can always provide for them. Although as a mother, I want them to experience some struggle so they can learn early in life that nothing is free or giving to you, you must get up and work for it.

PW: What does self care look like for you?

KC: self care: I wish I could say I take time out for myself but as a single mother of  3 and a growing business I really cant find the time. My best pass time to disconnect is riding horses and 4 wheeler’s in the country.

PW: Fun Question: Give Your best advice to a young college student, wanting to make real-estate their career of choice?

KC: Advice: I would say this will be one of the best investments of your future. The opportunity Real Estate offers are limitless. Working for yourself while in college will allow you more time to study and still be able to make money at your leisure.

PW: When you think of a pretty woman who hustle’s what/Who crosses your mind? 

KC: Pretty Women that hustle : Kadesha Conner, Lisa Marshall, Angel Spears, Chavon Rogers, Diana Wilson, Henritta Williams, Courtney Harvey,  Kelsi Chaney .

Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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