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Charlene Goddard has always had a passion for writing. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Rowan University. In October 2019, Carlene launched her first children’s book, “Magnificent Macie”. Her twin sister, Britney Goddard, is her illustrator. Charlene’s goal for writing this book is to encourage children of all races and ethnicities that they are heroes in their own way and capable of making a difference in the world. Charlene also brings awareness to real-world issues such as high poverty rate and crime rate in a perspective that children can understand.  

PWH:   What sparked your interest in writing?

CG: Reading is what sparked my interest in writing. I always loved to read even as a young child. I loved reading books full of action and mystery. I also enjoyed stories that were based on history and real-world issues. My love for reading inspired me to tap into my own creativity and create my own writings. 

PWH: At what moment did you realize that writing was your gift?

CG: When I was 15 years old, I decided to start journaling. I used writing as an outlet to express myself and explore my imagination. I wrote a lot of poetry; the words just came to my mind so naturally. This is when I realized that writing is my gift. 

PWH: What motivated your title “Magnificent Macie”?

CG: I wanted my book title to capture the reader’s attention. I wanted it to sound powerful and motivating. I prayed to God and asked Him to put the name of my book title inside of my head. A couple of seconds after my prayer, the words “Magnificent Macie” automatically came to my mind. 

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from your work?

CG: I want children to realize that there is a hero within themselves and that they are magnificent in their own way. I want readers to know that they are capable of doing anything they put their mind to with hard work, perseverance, and confidence.  

PWH: Where can readers find your work? 

CG: Readers can find my book at

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