CEO Michelle Nicole and The Kurvie Krush Brand

Kurvie Krush is the brainchild of Michelle Nicole.  Being a plus-size model and influencer,  Michelle noticed that the fashion world was really missing one major thing, inclusion.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Michelle has had a life that is a walking novel.  She gained her motivation from the dissolution of a hasty marriage and the decision to never look back or go back.  And here she is!   A 33-year-old mother of two girls, Michelle Nicole was looking for an outlet to be edgy and go against the grain.  A late-night idea to post a racy lingerie picture turned in to the brainchild for what we all see today. People immediately began to contact her wanting information about how to buy the piece that she posted…thus Kurvie Krush was born.   Manifestation and faith were the seed of this business. The experience has turned into a lifestyle and has pushed Michelle into a state of constant elevation and adjustment.  Having struggled with low self-esteem and depression for most of her life, Michelle found it difficult in her early life to step out and stand out.  A Queen by the name of Erykah Kane spoke into her by reminding her to walk in her own truth and not give a damn about what anyone else has to say.  That day was the awakening.  Michelle Nicole realized that she was more than her size and that sexy was a state of mind not a physical representation.   Michelle was always been one to stand out and never wanted to blend into the crown.  She has spent her own life choosing to color outside the lines and create her art.  That’s what Kurvie Krush is…the realization and representation of being that b*tch.  Her success isn’t a blood, sweat and tears story…it’s a lesson of learning and living.  Proving that once the grind starts, the hustle never ends!!  Michelle is a fashion maven and loves creating new trends, marketing for her businesses, and watching classic TV like Matlock and Chicago PD.

PWH: Describe your brand in four words.

MN: Only four…ok. Always Confident, Always Kurvie!

PWH: What inspired you to create an online store for Plus Size Women?

MN: I was honestly just looking for a way to edgy and go against the grain…You know that viral post recipe. Lol, A late-night idea to post a racy lingerie picture turned in to the brainchild for what we have today. People immediately began to contact me wanting information about how to buy the piece that I posted.  The idea popped up that dedicated plus lingerie was a big thing so then Kurvie Krush was born.

PWH: What can customers expect when they land on your website?

MN: They can expect something for every mood! Lingerie, clothing, swimwear…the site has it all! And it all starts at a size XL! Also, let me give a shameless plus to my web designer Kayla!!  You can also find all of my brand ambassadors.  This is a good way for other women to see the lingerie in action when shopping.

PWH: How did you get into modeling?

MN: A friend of mine, Keet, kept telling me I was meant for it. My face and curves set me apart and that I should use that to my advantage in the fashion world. When the next opportunity came available, I took the leap.  I’ve had my fair share of experiences and successes in the modeling world. Being plus size and petite might work against some people.  I’ve used it to my advantage.  I figured out that runway is not my favorite…lol.  That realization pushed me towards print opportunities and it’s been a good niche for me. 

PWH: What is your brands message?

MN: Kurvie Krush wants plus size women to remember that they, too, are sexy.  Forget the message that society puts out.  Sexy at any size is a real thing. Period! Kurves don’t make you any less. The more curves the more confidence! 

PWH: What challenges do you think you might face on this road to share your brand?

MN:  Breaking the overall stigma on the Plus size community is the greatest challenge. Even as the curvy and plus industry grows and thrives, there is still so much backlash from other fashion communities.  I’m not sure it’s necessary for plus size to be grouped in with others. It’s understood that we are a completely different subset of fashion but we want to be recognized and respected just as society does all other types of fashion.  It is disheartening that no one wants to recognize that beauty isn’t one size and that there are those of us who have more “body” than others and there will always be. We enjoy fashion, beauty, and deserve to be given the chance to express that without exclusion or ridicule. 

PWH: Why can you overcome the challenges you foresee? What motivates you in spite of any criticism?

MN: Overcoming is easy, I must say. As a queen, you can’t allow certain things or people to shake you. Continue to be comfortable with yourself and never allow them to see you rattled. You know the saying “Never let ‘em see you sweat!” Address it in private, handle it within and let the powers that be work everything else out. You have to learn that not everyone is going to like or agree with the decisions you make. Do what’s best for you.  My past and my children keep me motivated, no matter what is thrown my way.  You can call my story what you will but I know that overcoming is the foundation or where I am today. It’s important that I show my children the hustle and confidence required to be true to yourself and create your own path in life. 

Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

MN: A pretty woman who hustles is a woman of many talents. A woman that uses what she knows and enjoys creating a lane for herself in an unforgiving, unaccommodating world.  They don’t take any bullshit. They don’t take no for an answer. they are born to win and winning is the only option!

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