Renew your mind one thought at a time

Since March of 2020 the world changed bringing it upside down with the Covid-19 spreading around in the United States killing billions of people. Some people may think that this is something like the flu, but it isn’t. It’s deadly and can strike at anytime. While the pandemic is going on and people are loosing family members as well as loosing jobs, it’s been a crazy time. But the best thing to do is remain humble and renew your mind. Here are some tips to keeping your mind renewed and restored during stressful times.
1) Stay away from negative people! If you are one of the ones that lost your job or got laid off, you definitely don’t want to be around people that are complaining all the time and bringing you down. There is already enough on your plate sis that you don’t need to deal with the extra mess. It is best to keep sane at all times when possible. So during these difficult times, stay away from those who aren’t speaking positive thoughts or being positive! Cut them off!
2) Listen to motivational podcasts or read an inspirational book! I learned that reading inspirational material helps the mind stay renewed.
3) Listening to music! I do this every single day! What’s playing on your playlist? Did you know that music is very therapeutic? Whether you enjoy listening to Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Smooth R&B or even Gospel, listen to something that you can relate to and something that will make you feel good and relax.
4) Reading/reciting positive affirmations. If you have any favorite quotes or sayings that you love, try writing them down and reading them in the morning before you start your day and even before you go to bed. Mix it up a little bit.
5) Exercise! I think this is a great stress release when you have a lot of things piled up in your mind and you are trying to digest them all.
So there you have it! These are some of different ways to renew your mind. There are other ways to renew your mind, but I think these five things are very great ways for renewal. Remember, no distractions! Positive vibes only!

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