Beauty Academy Meets New World Revolution – It’s A Virtual Thing for Sarah Naylor

Sarah created Angel Hair and Make-up’s Online Academy in 2020. Sarah is on a mission to teach all women to feel good and look good. Seven years ago, Sarah started teaching in Irish Schools and Colleges. She has worked with women from every walk of life. Women with Acquired Brain Injuries, women from marginalized groups, women with learning difficulties and women who want a career in the Hair and Beauty Industry. Her years of teaching and working as a Hair and Makeup Artist have led to this special training opportunity for all women.

The Angel Hair and Makeup’s Online Academy – A Practical and Hands-On Approach to Hair and Makeup (Minus the Boring Theory!).

Salon Styled at Home – The Fundamentals of Hair and Makeup for Every Woman – Practice Makes Permanent

Sarah believes in explaining everything in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, hands-on way. By joining the practical sessions, it is the perfect way for students to learn the art of hairstyling, makeup application and skincare. The course videos allow practical tuition using Sarah’s ‘Practice Makes Permanent’ formula. Allowing women everywhere to learn how to do their own hair, makeup and skincare from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace and in their own time. Forget the boring theory and just learn how to do your own hair and makeup as well as take care of your beautiful skin, achieving Salon Style At Home.

LR: At what age did you know that you wanted to be a stylist? How did it all come together?

S: I was in my late 20’s. When I was growing up, my mother owned her restaurant, and I worked there all of my childhood. All I wanted to do was get out of hospitality and go work in an office. So when I finished secondary school, I went to college to study business and computers. It was 1993, so computers were the big thing! When I finished college, I took a job teaching people how to use computers. By this time, dial up internet was available in some people’s homes. My job was to teach people how to use PCs and the internet. I did this for a couple of years and then headed to Australia, where I worked as a marketing coordinator for a big tech company. I loved this role, and when I returned to Ireland, I signed up for night school to get qualified in Marketing. Alas, the party scene took over, and I got a job as an office manager, and I was happy enough partying the weekend away and working during the week to pay for my escapades. Many of my friends were hairdressers and nail technicians, so I loved the Idea of working in the beauty world. I settled with my now-husband in 2004, and it was at this point that I decided to train as a makeup artist while I worked full-time. I did a long course at the weekends for a few months and then began to offer my services as a side hustle to gain extra money. I fell in love with makeup and the industry, and in 2009 I decided to quit my office job and go back to college full time to study hairdressing, hair, and makeup for film and theatre and beauty therapy.

LR: Your background includes working with women who have had challenges in their lives. What is one of your most rewarding take aways from working with these women? 

S: My teaching has taught me so much about people and their needs to be touched. Some of the groups I worked with were severely disabled and couldn’t groom themselves. I would carry out facials or manicures on them for demonstration purposes for the able bodied students to observe and repeat. When I say they melted in my hands, It broke my heart. Human touch is an integral part of us as humans, and every person deserves to feel it. Plus, when a person looks in the mirror and sees how well they can look, it makes them feel good. One of my favorite mottos is when you look good, you feel good. It doesn’t matter if it’s just looking at fresh-faced skin following a facial or nicely groomed eyebrows! The power of spending some time on yourself gives people a massive boost. Some groups I’ve worked with are ladies who are stuck in a poverty trap. My classes gave them the skills and the confidence to create their little side hustle. This, in turn, has affected how they see themselves as a proactive member of society. It has given them hope and means to create beautiful lives for their families. It has allowed them to be leaders in their children’s eyes and a person they want to emulate. Education is power, and it can break down boundaries and give people the confidence a

nd purpose to make things better.

LR:  You combined your love of teaching and beauty care. What was the ah-ha moment that you knew the two would be profitable?

S: I’m still waiting for that one!! I don’t teach for the money; I do it to make a difference. I want to give people confidence. I want them to look in the mirror and see themselves. I want to empower women. I don’t want them to cover up with makeup; I want them to enhance themselves, and if that’s not wearing makeup but looking after their skin, that’s what I want to help them achieve. I want to do more than help them do their hair and makeup. I want to train them with skills that will allow them to be their OWN boss. If they do a small side hustle eyebrow course with me, I’m going to teach them how to market that side hustle. I’m going to teach them everything I’ve learned to create a sustainable, successful business. I’m going to help them up the ladder to living a happy, successful, financially independent life. This is my mission. When I teach in the schools and I get to teach the teenagers, I guide them to a path of independence, an educational journey that will fulfill them get them a job that doesn’t feel like a job. Please help them make a difference in their lives and others’ lives to be leaders.

LR: “Salon-Styled At Home” is the first course of a series of courses in your program. What mini tips can you give readers to give them a glimpse into what to expect when taking the course?

S: So Salon Styled at Home came out of an Idea I had when lockdown hit and all the salons closed; I had people coming out of the woodwork begging me to do their hair or remove their gel/acrylic nails. I thought, why can’t they do it themselves. So I began by creating short videos teaching how to cut a boy’s hair with clippers. How to style their daughter’s hair and people loved the videos. I went from having a couple of hundred followers to a few thousand. I consistently show up with free tips and videos teaching a wide range of skincare, makeup, hairstyling routines. One very popular live that I did on Facebook was my natural skincare routine using only products you would have at home like honey, milk, porridge oats and brown sugar It was fantastic the response I got, women sending me photos of them doing the facial with a gin and tonic in the other hand. Every week I deliver lives and videos for free on my social media platforms. I want everyone to have fun; there’s nothing contrived about what I teach. The products I use are ones that I have bought myself genuinely use and genuinely believe in. I don’t have any paid partnerships. I believe in guiding people by figuring out what works for them.

LR: You were a bridal makeup specialist prior to owning Angel Hair and Makeup. How has that experience helped enhance Angel Hair and Makeup?

S: I still do bridal hair and makeup. I just had a party of 6 on Saturday. Weddings are my first love. I relish the thought of helping a bride to feel beautiful on her wedding day. The fun on the morning of a wedding is so unique; these girls invite you into their personal world on such a special day. I feel truly honored to be picked as the hair and makeup artist for a wedding. I can honestly say I am friends now with a lot of my past brides. As a bridal hair and makeup artist, you build such a special bond with them at their trial, and the trust they have in you is unique.

LR: You are based in Dublin, Ireland, are your courses offered internationally? What are the challenges of launching an online academy?

S: Yes, my courses at present are available to all English-speaking countries. I will plan to have them translated to more languages when the finances allow.

LR: You have two children. How do you juggle being a Fempreneur and being available for your children?

S: This one I struggle with a lot. I have a lot of mammy guilt. However, when I am present, I give them my attention and my time. I love nothing better than to hear about their days. My kids are chatterboxes just like me, and it’s such a good complaint to have. My work sometimes has me working really long hours and weekends; I aim to spend time with my family on Sundays; they’re my non-negotiable days. I won’t work Sundays anymore. Another new trend is they don’t like to be here anymore. They’re always running off on me now, and I’m like, What the hell, I’m on my own!! I need to get a hobby, So I took up golf. I only play four holes, but I love it, it clears your brain, and the fresh air is fantastic. My me time is essential too.

LR:  Finally what is it you want other women to know who are considering taking your course?

S: Salon Styled at Home will teach you how to do your own hair, makeup, skincare!! Not only that, It will allow you me time, that time that we seem to be so mean to ourselves with. It will give you a sustainable routine that is easy to follow with a downloadable eBook that covers everything in the videos plus more. When I carried out my market research, one of my questions was, have you ever gone on a zoom meeting or for a coffee with your friends and wished you looked more prepped and polished 98% said yes!! My course will teach you how to get prepped and polished in minutes.

If your still contemplating on purchasing my course, come follow me on social media you will find lots of free valuable content that will teach you tips and tricks on how to get Salon Styled at Home.  You can ask me any questions and I’ll always write back.  I want to thank you all for listening to me and I hope you all get #beautified with my Salon Styled at Home Course.

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Shift Your Mindset One Thought at a Time with Author and Mental Health Advocate Shawnee Palmer


After working in healthcare for many years, Shawnee developed a desire to become more active in helping people overcome the challenges in their lives. This desire soon transformed into a passion, which led Shawnee to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Addiction Counselor. She named her private mental health practice Alpine’s Empowerment Agency, both as a tribute to what she works with her clients toward—self-empowerment and overcoming their challenges—and after her grandmother, who has been a spiritual guide and angel for Shawnee, guiding her life long after she’s passed.  Alpine’s Empowerment Agency provides a private space where individuals and families can receive counseling to uncover and address the root causes of today’s problems. Shawnee has a passion for working with individuals who battle with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, anger, low self-esteem, and those who are grieving a loved one or having difficulties adjusting to a sudden life change. Through her agency, Shawnee strives to serve as her grandmother did, as a guide to those who are struggling in life, bringing them to a statement of acceptance and contentment. Shawnee has a new book out, “Shifting Your Mindset: A Guide to Overcome Depression, Anxiety & Trauma”. The book focuses on identifying ways to change your perspective on life for unmanaged and unresolved anxiety, depression, and trauma. As a mental health therapist, she wrote scenarios based on her own life experiences to give the readers ideas on overcoming life obstacles. She provides the readers with knowledge that helps them reflect on their current mental processes. This book experience helps readers to enhance their critical thinking skills.

“I had a desire to share my story on how I overcame depression, anxiety, and traumatic childhood memories in hopes that it would help others become victorious over their life woes.”


Patrice: What makes you a pretty woman who hustles?

Shawnee: My demeanor and how I carry myself with peace, confidence, and security. The love that I have for myself that helps me to stay self-motivated to create and accomplish all of my goals makes me a pretty woman who hustles!

Patrice: I was looking at your book “Shifting Your Mindset” and in the Preface section, it asked the question “If you had a chance to redo your life, what would you change?” I really like that question. So, I want to ask you that question. If you had to redo your life, what would you change and why?

Shawnee: For me, I wouldn’t change anything because those life experiences brought me to where I am today. I wouldn’t have the knowledge, wisdom, or understanding without those experiences. They led me to loving and nurturing myself more than I ever knew that I could!

Patrice: Tell us more about your journey as an author. What was your inspiration behind it?

Shawnee: I’ve been writing poems and short stories since elementary. I won a Young Author’s award in the 4th grade for a book I wrote on dinosaurs. I wrote off and on throughout the years but never shared the work I completed with others. As a therapist, I noticed that the calling on my life required me to reach a larger population of people and I wouldn’t be able to do that just with 1:1 therapy. Expanding my influence through books assisted me in connecting with more people. I’m a big advocate for people healing so I wanted to be part of many people’s healing journeys. This is the first self-published book of many to come in the future.

Patrice: Why did you choose this book you wrote to share with the world?

Shawnee: I had a desire to share my story on how I overcame depression, anxiety, and traumatic childhood memories in hopes that it would help others become victorious over their life woes.

Patrice: What message do you want readers to gain by reading your book?

Shawnee: My goal is for readers to learn more about themselves and ways to address their hidden pain. I want them to explore it from a different perspective so that way, they can get the healing that they need and deserve.

Patrice: In your book, you talk about self-care and I think that topic is so important especially if you are an author, established business owner, or entrepreneur. Why do you think that topic is so valuable and important to learn?

Shawnee: It’s valuable because stress is common but in order to truly address the life stressors we have and not allow them to break us down, we have to find outlets to release stress. Self-care should be practiced daily to keep a healthy balance between ourselves and life experiences that we have no control over.

Patrice: What is the best part about being a clinical social worker?

Shawnee: I have the ability to help others heal themselves. When people give me feedback about how I have helped change their lives, it warms my heart. It gives me the momentum to keep going and thriving to offer more to the people. It also encourages me to keep enhancing myself so that I am always presenting myself to my clients as my best self.

Patrice: Let us talk about your company Love and Serenity Wellness. What is the inspiration behind it? What type of skincare products does your company provide?

Shawnee: I believe in holistic healing for the mind, body, and spirit, Love & Serenity Wellness has the mental health sector by providing books and consultation services that aid in healing, understanding, and gaining wisdom that guides individuals to fulfill their true purpose in life. I enjoy teaching others how to reduce the barriers in their life, gain the knowledge that they need to be successful, and obtain the resources that they need to gain a sense of serenity and love for themselves as they venture out on their financial journey. I offer body and skincare products such as body butter, sugar scrubs, fragrance oils, detox bath salts, pain relief, and eczema cream. All products are therapeutic items that enhance the quality of the skin.

Patrice: Overall, what is the goal for your business?

Shawnee: To educate and empower business owners about mental, emotional wellness so that they are able to overcome any and all adversities that may come their way on their entrepreneurial journey.

Patrice: Do you plan to write any more books soon? If so, will it be on the same concept as the Shifting Your Mindset book?

Shawnee: I have started working on concepts for the next book and it will be a book about overcoming emotional hurt from a parent. It will allow the reader to address unhealed wounds and find ways to forgive their parents so that the issues with them no longer impact intimate relationships with others.

Patrice: Are you currently working on any projects for the remainder of the year?

Shawnee: I have several projects in the works for 2021! First, I am working on some workshops, courses and collaborating with others on panels to educate others about mental and emotional wellness. My biggest launch this month will be my non-profit, “Kindred Youth Foundation.” The mission is to build healthier emotional and mental wellness foundations through education and support for teens in underprivileged areas who have challenges with a parent or caregiver who is recovering from substance abuse.



Connect with Shawnee:





YouTube: Shifting Mindsets with Shawnee


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