June 14, 2021


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Felicia Baxley – Just Write It!

A four-time author, Felicia is redirecting her writing path to embrace the genre she really enjoys. After having written two Christian lifestyles and a self help book to encourage entrepreneurs to build their own empires; she is now debuting her first Thriller.

Felicia is originally from Milledgeville, GA and has been writing since she was in elementary school. Her writing has not only helped her manage her own mental health struggles, but she helps others tell their story as well. Having written her first three books, she found a passion in helping others get their stories out in the world, sharing their testimonies and struggles. Felicia started Hustle Write Publication LLC in 2021 where she not only publishes her own fiction, but also offers ghostwriting services for those who aren’t confident in their own ability to put their words together on paper.

Through her business, she offers ghostwriting, mini coaching sessions, and shares information through a blog that encourages writers to build multiple income streams with their work.

Felicia has written the works she felt she needed to help people look into themselves, now she is excited to be writing for the purpose of entertainment. Her debut thriller, Behind the Blue Elevator releases April 2021. She hopes that it not only entertains, but paves the way for her to further help others.

. Felicia, your background is impeccable as an author. You’ve written books for Christian lifestyle, as well as self help books. Now you are shifting gears! What made you want to write a thriller?

I’ve written stories and fiction since I was in elementary school. My mind turns a little different than some people and my desire to write the type of things I like to read has always been there. My first few books I feel were more of something I NEEDED to do, and now that I’ve shared that information, I can focus on what I WANT to do, which is write thrillers and suspense. 

Behind the Blue Elevator, is to be released in April 2021.  Reading the preface of your newest thriller I definitely wanted to know more.  What can you tell us about this new thriller without giving us all the tea?

According to my editor, it has many layers. I don’t even know if that was my intent :). But yeah, Behind the Blue Elevator presents a company so stressful to work for that the CEO goes the extra mile in every area to ensure stress relievers are available for everyone. Among one of these options is a Suicide Elevator. The story pretty much follows the elevator operators recollection of this job and his own psyche the more he worked there. Of course there are a few twists and turns to look forward to. 

Hustle Write Publication LLC is your newest project. As a fellow Ghostwriter, can you share with our readers what fuels your fire to help others to get their stories told?

After sharing my first few books, I came to realize that everyone has some strt of story to tell, and someone out there who needs to hear it. I know that not everyone is confident that they can effectively portray their testimony in words, which is why I offer writing services. I want to help people get their stories to the individuals that need it, and help them create a passive source of income.

 Now that we are claiming “Bestseller” and “Best Thriller” for Behind the Blue Elevator, what things do you have in the works?

I’m definitely working on the plot and twists for my next thriller. “The Watchtower.” I’ve been putting more effort into Behind the Blue Elevator to get released and taking a break from writing for a bit, but I’m excited to work on the next project and determine when I’ll release it. 

Lastly Felicia, what advice do you have for someone who is waiting on the right moment to tell their story?

The moment is now. Your life is ever changing and ever evolving. You’ll always have new things to share. The right moment is the moment you start moving forward with your project. The best thing about it being your story, you can always set it up to add to later. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s? 
A Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s is a woman who takes her goals and aspirations seriously. One who does everything they can to obtain goals and reach aspirations. Facing obstacles head on and rushing past them. 

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