Monesha “Ms ATL Doll” Clark

Monesha “Ms Atl Doll” Clark, originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, started as a party and event promoter in the summer of 2014. Monesha has hosted several events throughout the city of Atlanta, Georgia as well as promotional modeling for several venues including, Opera Night Club. In the summer of 2016 Doll was offered an opportunity to join a local internet radio show as a host for a rotating chair. With Doll’s fan base and charismatic personality, she was able to land a full time and permanent spot as one of the hosts on the show where she stayed until the later part of January 2019. She then decided to pursue further media and journalism opportunities.

Monesha has written for Kontrol Magazine and hosted several celebrity interviews and events. In 2017 Mo released the official “Ms Atl Doll” 2017 calendar landing her the title of “published model” with FB studios of Atlanta. “Mo Clark” can been seen on several short series such as; “Music and Murder”, “Shared Feelings”, “Just Ask Joe”, and so many more.

In 2014 Mo started her own lipstick line which has expanded to lashes and several different colors and textures of lipsticks. Although busy, she still found time to pursue her passion of creating her own radio show, DaPostUp, which is now a TV show on Status Network’s Global Vision TV. She keeps you up to speed and in the know with what’s happening in Atlanta, Georgia. Just your average girl next door with connections in ATL.

Q: You started your career as an event planner in 2014. What did you learn from that experience to help you in your current business?

A: Great question. Honestly, I lost a baby in 2014. I almost lost my life trying to carry him. So after I went through that phase I needed an escape. Facebook was my escape. The lipstick line was kind of already in progress before the ectopic pregnancy, so once I lost the baby, I just started jumping online and promoting the by lipstick line. At the time, some of the Facebook groups wouldn’t allow you to out right promote. I decided to be creative and do my makeup and post a lot of selfies. By doing this, I caught the eye of several DJ’s and promoters that were putting together street teams and such. I linked up with them in hopes of spreading the word about my makeup line. That experience taught me that I didn’t want to promote lol. It involved showing up at the club and staying out All times of the  night. I didn’t want to do that, so I decided to end that career. 

Q:Your lipstick line also launched in 2014. What’s the name of it and what inspired you to go into cosmetics? 

A: The name of the lipstick line is “Myka J” and it stands for my daughters and my son that I lost. So Myka J (Mya, Kamey, and Jordyan). I was inspired to do cosmetics because I loved the bright colors snd I wasn’t seeing a lot of people of color that were comfortable wearing them. I wanted to break that. Also I wanted to start something that my daughters could continue to grow.

Q: How did you coin the name “Ms Atl Doll”? 

A: I used that as my promo name. I’m small in stature and I’m located in Atl… so that’s that. 

Q: As a radio show host, what is the most interesting interview you can remember? What did you take away from it?

A:  I truly enjoyed interviewing HotBoy Turk and his wife Emani. Turk was very open up Cash Money and the rapper life. They were candid about being married and how Emani dealt with Turk’s being locked up.

Q: You have your own radio show now called DaPost Up which warped into a TV show. Tell our readers what DaPost Up is about and where they caCosmetics?

A:  DaPostUp us a fun show! I enjoy having my own show. I’ve been a part of shows that didn’t like me to talk about certain things. With my show I get to report ALL things entertainment. Whether it’s music, stocks, tragedy of triumph. No boundaries. I love being able to interview people from all walks of life! I don’t need to interview EVERY famous person. I like entrepreneurs, authors, singers, actors, models, realtors, and so many more.

Q: Finally, 2021 is the year of taking everything we lost during COVID back. What do you have on deck for 2021?

A:  I actually didn’t stop. I kept working via covid, whether it was Instagram Live or zoom.  I was in a short film entitled “Shared Feelings”, and I kept cohosting “One on One with Johnnie Cabbell with Cohost Ashley and Mo Clark”. I definitely expect to do more this year. My client Cheating Ass Myron is about to go on tour with his comedy. My other client Razi is dropping a new music video on BET jams soon. So in addition to my cosmetic line and tv show, I’ve been doing PR work and helping industry professionals get their press kits together and pitching them to magazines for write ups. 

Connect with MO online on her site | Instagram | Instagram | Youtube

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