Seanne Wilson ~ The Ultimate Alumna

Seanne Wilson is Director of the Women’s Center at Tennessee State University. She is a third generation alumna as her mother, Gydean Fisher and grandfather, John Patterson also graduated from the University.

After graduation in 2009, Seanne was immediately hired by the President’s Office at Tennessee State University as Executive Office Assistant. Seanne was promoted to Tennessee State University’s Alumni Relations and Annual Giving division, and April 2014, she transitioned to the Student Affairs division as Coordinator of the Women’s Center.

Seanne began her professional career in the private sector, spending five years at Reemay holding positions in Marketing and Human Resources and then in the public sector working for the State of Tennessee in the departments of Labor & Workforce Development and Commerce and Insurance.

Seanne successfully networks and collaborates with Nashville female entrepreneurs via her company, “Seanne & Company”. This is also her tenth year directing her women’s conference for ladies who don’t quite know how to tap into their “gifts” spiritually and professionally. She’s also mentor to several groups of young ladies.

Wilson’s first book was published entitled “Overcoming Me, with her first book launch March 2, 2018 in the Follett Bookstore at Tennessee State University.

A native of Springfield, Tennessee, Seanne, her sister, and parents moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where she attended and graduated from School 33 and Northwest High School. Wilson attended Middle Tennessee State University her freshman and sophomore years, but received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

Seanne is most proud of her daughter, Siane-Kristian Wilson, from a former marriage. Siane currently works with Norwegian Cruise Line, and is a former singer and dancer with Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, and Universal Studios. She’s currently transitioning to New York City where she’ll be working on Broadway with a professional production.

1. How in the world did you pull off acquiring your first job after graduation with your Alma mater Tennessee State University?

  It was ALL GOD!  I searched on the Tennessee State University website for open positions sixty days prior to graduation. I didn’t see anything of interest to me the first time I searched, however, thirty days prior to graduation, an extremely exciting opportunity had been posted:  Executive Assistant in the Office of the TSU President
I can’t tell you how excited I became.  I applied that day and began preparing for graduation day.  That phenomenal day (Graduation) came and went with no word or communication.  
I decided to visit my amazing daughter, Siane, at a Sister HBCU, Clark Atlanta University as I had no job following graduation. I left Nashville for a quick vacation to Atlanta to spend time with Siane and to take her shopping.  
While visiting Siane, Tennessee State University called and asked if I could interview that same week.  I beat back to Nashville the NEXT DAY.  lol  
Upon arrival back to Nashville, I prepared myself for the BIG day.  I wore a suit for the interview, arrived fifteen minutes prior to the interview,and looked each of the interviewers in the eye to show my interest.  Following the interview, I did something I do each time I interview:  I handed each of the interviewers a “Thank You” card.  I was told later by the hiring manager that the “Thank You” card was the selling point.  
My takeaway:  Always thank your interviewer(s) for the opportunity.

As a third generation alumna, what can you tell our readers about TSU?

Tennessee State University is an amazing school for higher learning, and our motto: “Think. Work. Serve.” pushes us to be the best we can be. Administration, faculty, and staff take time each week to schedule a little fun to the collegiate experience as well as a holistic approach to learning. There are a plethora of social, professional and civic clubs for students to participate in.  We encourage Freshman students to wait until their second year and concentrate on their studies and GPA.  Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors have mastered the art of studying (we hope – lol), so they are encouraged to check out professional clubs on the college level as well as Greek Life with the DIVINE NINE – each life changing opportunities that will follow students their entire life.

Tell us more about Seanne & Company and what the premise was behind establishing it.

The premise behind Seanne and Company (Me and My Tribe) was “accountability”.  Accountability is defined as:  “The condition of being accountable or responsible”.  After a difficult divorce in 2008, I wowed out for a few years and without responsibility to anyone or anything.  I literally would not follow rules such as “being on time”, “answering to authority”, and “assuming ownership for my actions.  

My family and close friends held an intervention with me to discuss how I could get back on a better spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical path.Hence, “Seanne and Company” was created with five women accepting responsibility for one another. Effective September 2021, “Seanne and Company”will become Women with Gifts & Talents.

What plans do you have for the Women’s Conference this year with the pandemic and all?

Due to the pandemic, the September Women’s Conference for 2020 was postponed with plans to host it September 2021 at a venue to be determined.

Overcoming Me! Overcoming You! is your book that was released a few years ago. Give us a synopsis of what the book is about and where it can be found. 

Overcoming ME! was my first book, and it is a biography of my life from age 5 to current.  The book details how I overcame my negative issues and traumas such as molestation, domestic violence, bullying, fear of success, and other miscellaneous irritants.
Overcoming You! is my second book, and is a self-help book for overcomers and others interested in getting past what other people think.  I’ve often wondered why we care so much about others when they play no major part in our past, present, or future lives.  “People” don’t/won’t pay our bills, they don’t feed us, most of the time they don’t support or encourage us, and they can’t help us go to heaven or hell.

Kudos to your daughter Siane-Kristian on her future endeavors in New York. As a proud mother, what would you like to say to her here on Pretty Women Hustle Online? 

 My daughter’s trip to New York has been postponed. While waiting for New York entertainers to return to work, Siane received an invitation from Disneyland Shanghai to perform for a year (maybe two) in their new show.  SHE ACCEPTED.  What would I like to say to her during this “new normal”?

 Siane: Go be GREAT, Live your BEST Life, and keep God FIRST!

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