Men’s Health Month – Being Healthy is a lifestyle

For Men’s Health Month I reached out to Miles Stroter for tips and insight on how we can change the narrative around men’s health. He first wanted us to know that being healthy isn’t an action, it’s a lifestyle.

The actor, writer and speaker shared with us 4 amazing tips that can be used to move into a healthier lifestyle.

Maintaining good health is a balance between eating right, working out, and practicing healthy mental habits such as meditation, yoga, and therapy. 

When we eat unhealthy foods, we harm ourselves. A great way to improve your eating habits is to start by eliminating just one bad habit at a time. This could be sugar, bread, soda, candy, gluten, or anything else that you want to cut out. Be diligent in sticking to that one thing, then make your way on to something else. This will be much easier than trying to eliminate unhealthy foods all at once.

Physical activity not only releases endorphins in our heads, but it also improves our health, eliminates toxins, and boosts our self-esteem. Even if your new or out of practice with working out, start with just 5 minutes a day and work your way up from there. 

Lastly, it’s important to remember that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Create a daily regimen that allows you to focus on one or two mental health activities a day. This could be journaling, meditating, yoga, going for a walk, or talking to a therapist. In order to be truly healthy, we have to make our mental health an equal priority.   

Chalked full of wisdom, passion, and talent, Miles Stroter is taking the entertainment industry by storm. With his infectious personality and tremendous talent, Miles’ journey has led him from being a recruited football star to a sought-after entertainer. Working alongside Robin Givens, Anika Noni Rose, Morris Chestnut, and Issa Rae, Miles’ captivating personality transforms on set and illuminates on screen. Though preferential to comedy roles, Miles’s diverse acting skills make him a fan favorite whenever he’s on-screen. With over a decade of acting experience, Miles has appeared in The Game (2012), Chicago Fire (2013), The Quad (2017-2018), and Insure (2018), to name a few! Miles’ talents soar even beyond the barriers of acting. When not on the screen, Miles is
spreading mental and physical health awareness in engaging and captivating ways. Miles knows
that happiness is a journey, not simply a destination. This perspective inspired him to teach,
develop, inspire, and mentor young boys in underprivileged neighborhoods. Whether he’s
entertaining others or speaking to large crowds, Miles’s own journey to excellence has been
fueled with an unrelenting passion for empowering others.

You can find out more about Miles on his instagram:

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