J’ Organics takes on Natural Hair

       Having a good hair care routine can leave your hair feeling totally refreshed and amazing. From wash and go to twist outs to braids and silk press, having healthy hair can change your whole attitude. It adds a little umph to your self-esteem and great energy for the day and night. But having great hair is always determined not only by the look of the hair but the care of it as well. Using great products can provide the best results for your hair and knowing who is behind the products is even better.

       “Creating hair products is not easy you have to be attentive and know all about hair in order to create the best products. There are so many different textures of hair, and the reality is, is that no product can be one size fits all. You actually have to try and see what will work specifically for your hair texture. You have tight curls and loose curls to wavy hair textures, and each require its own routine and care. So, I keep in mind when I’m creating that in order for my line to be effective, I have to tackle every area from dry hair to moisture to hydration to treatments. I have to know what’s in each product so that I know what results should happen when used.”

         J’Organics is an innovative hair care brand created by Johanne Joseph a Haitian born, master stylist. Joseph created this line to target natural hair growth in both adults and children. With so many black women going natural, its important to have a line that is specific to give the care that natural hair requires.

“Anyone who decides to go natural must first understand that it is a process and that you have to be patient. You will never see results over night, and you have to find the products that      will suit you. Natural hair has to be cared for with products that are light weight. Nobody wants to use heavy products because it will weigh your hair down and cause a huge amount of buildup on your scalp. That build up can lead to many problems when it comes to growing your hair. My line was created to be light weight and easy to use so that your hair can breathe and grow strong.”

Not only does Joseph have great pride in her products but she also takes great pride in her origins. Born in Haiti, she understands the struggles and stigmas that are placed on her beloved country, and she seeks to not only change that but give back as well

“Haiti is regarded with such negativity and untruth. It’s a beautiful country with a beautiful spirit and beautiful people. The world sees us as poor and lacking but that’s not true every country has some sort of poverty, but it doesn’t mean it’s the whole country or that the country is bad. Even though I don’t reside in Haiti, I give back through my products. So, when I create and when I sell, I’m thinking of Haiti. I’m thinking of the children who need backpacks and schools supplies so that they can excel and profits from my products aid them. I’m thinking of the parents who want the best for their children and I’m a piece of the solution. With every product sold, customers are investing into the lives of children. What better way to be an answer to my country?”

Johanne is doing amazing things in the natural hair care world and for Haiti.

You can purchase J’ Organics at https://jorganicsolutions.com/

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