Self-Check One Two One Two!

Self-Check One Two One Two!

Welcome to Mind Talks with That Riverz Gurl and I want to say thank you for stopping by to my column where I will be talking about everything mental health, self-care and more! Let’s talk about self-care because I feel like self-care is very much needed in today’s society. I want to ask a question really quick. “What does self-care look like to you?” Some may say sitting on the beach with a glass of wine on site playing some reggae music or relaxing in bed listening to music. For me it’s watching my favorite shows on Netflix, doing nothing, (I enjoy doing that the most LOL), reading a book on self-care, and listening to music. Whatever it is that you enjoy during your self-care moment, indulge in the moment and allow your body to relax and soak up the positive energy around you. Let’s really get into the post where self-checking is important in daily routines. Here are some things you should be checking on a day-to-day basis.

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  1. Checking your environment: Do you have people or situations that you have to get rid of so you won’t get distracted? If so, cut them out!
  2. Have positive energy: Make sure that you are displaying positive energy around you. I know sometimes that may be hard, but when you are displaying positive energy, your days will become better.
  3. Make time to take care of your mind: Don’t overdo it! Take a break when necessary.
  4. Take deep breaths throughout the day: Sometimes we all have to pause, close our eyes and take some deep breaths for relaxation.

“Learn to care for yourself because no one else will?”

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