Giving back by Donating.

As you are spring cleaning, try to declutter your drawers and closets by only placing seasonal clothing to wear. It will help you to organize and also be easier to pick out what your look will be each day. With busy schedules you don’t want to spend all morning trying to find something to wear and then leave your room with a mountain of clothes on your bed and thrown around.   

Go out and purchase bins and baskets to contain these items but don’t become a hoarder. Let go of the things that you no longer need. Storing unnecessary items that you don’t even wear or need defeats the purpose of decluttering. Take those items and donate them. Blessing someone with a new wardrobe would be a great deed. You can even warm someone’s house up by getting rid of useless house items that you no longer use because perhaps you have upgraded.

You can research within your community for donation centers, and drop boxes as well as homeless shelters. The Salvation Army and the Good Will are the most popular donation places that will accept items such as: 

  • Gentle used clothing of all ages 
  • Toys for all ages
  •  Books of all genres 
  • Microwaves or any appliances
  • Electronics of any kind
  • Bedding
  • Furniture

These donated items can be used as a write off on your taxes as well, at the end of the year. So it benefits everyone.


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