Mind Talks with That Riverz Gurl: Sundays are Made for Self-Care and Soothing the Mind

When was the last time you relaxed and did nothing for a whole day? Do I hear crickets? Self-care is very important for everyday life. After a long work week or a stressful situation, a day of relaxing and pampering yourself is the perfect gift to you after a long week. Have you ever thought to yourself “Man I’m exhausted. I don’t feel like doing nothing!” But you want to do some more work knowing that your body is physically and mentally exhausted. That is why it is very important to take a time out and relax. If it’s just sitting in your chair or laying down, you are relaxing your body. Here are some fun things you can do while you are in self-care mode.

  • Blast your music! Only if you are in the room or house by yourself. You don’t want to wake up the kids, the husband or wife. Unwind to some of your favorite songs.
  • Listen to some of your favorite podcasts. I recently started back to listening to podcasts through Apple. Pick out some inspirational and relaxing podcasts that will feed you positive vibes.
  • Do absolutely nothing! You don’t anyone nothing so just sit back and enjoy your own company as long as you can.
  • Take a nice warm bubble bath– That will help with all the stressors you have been dealing with all week long. You may just need to soak in the tub and just close your eyes.
  • Get some fresh air– Whether you have a porch or a lawn chair, step outside and enjoy the sun beaming down on your face. Getting some fresh air is also healthy.
  • Watch your favorite show or movie– It’s nothing like enjoying and catching up with your favorite shows. Pop some popcorn while you are at it too just to make it look comfy.

Make time for yourself no matter what. Its the key to staying balanced, healthy, mentally and physically in shape and to keep your mind from going insane. Feel free to comment on self-care tips you use throughout the week. I would love to hear them.

That Riverz Gurl

A 9x published author, mental health blogger for Live Healthy Mentally, creative mogul, and writer. Follow the blog at www.livehealthymentally.com and follow on IG @livehealthymentally and @livinghealthymentally

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