Day: July 4, 2022

Business Features

Meet Rochelle Petrikis, Partner With eataboutown Rochelle is a partner with Edward Francescone in creating a new cell phone app called eataboutown. Photo credit Rochelle never thought she would be an entrepreneur. The idea always scared her when she was younger. When the Covid 19 pandemic held the United States hostage, Rochelle thought about […]

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New Online PRETTY entertaining reviews:

Working Moms

** Trigger Warning: Show contains very heavy subject matter.** Juggling motherhood with work is not new information. For decades, women have been piling things on their plate (often not by choice) while everyone applauds them. “I don’t know how she does it”, they say. So how come no one says, “why does she have to […]

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education Finance/Careers Kids Who Hustle

JULY – Joint-Venture – $timulating Tips

We have now completed half the year of 2022. Look back at the previous six months and consider what you have learned. Also, consider any victories you have accomplished. We jumped into January with the S.M.A.R.T. Goals. In February, we learned that staying in the black is ‘where it’s at’ regarding our bank balances. In […]

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