Meet Rochelle Petrikis, Partner With eataboutown

Rochelle is a partner with Edward Francescone in creating a new cell phone app called eataboutown.

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Rochelle never thought she would be an entrepreneur. The idea always scared her when she was younger. When the Covid 19 pandemic held the United States hostage, Rochelle thought about her career and financial situation. The pandemic put a lot of things into perspective. Rochelle decided she wanted to be more in control of her financial future and her life.

Rochelle and her friend Edward Francescone came up with the idea for the app while walking around in Center City in Philadelphia, PA, one December night. They went down to the Christmas village were walking through the city as they often do. They were talking about how Edward and another friend would try different restaurants before the pandemic. And then the idea just came to us. Edward came up with the basis and then we started to form an idea for a new kind restaurant rewards app for cell phones. This is the origin of eataboutown.

Rochelle is a long time resident Philadelphia. She moved there when she was 18 years old. Having worked in the restaurant industry Rochelle has a lot of input to offer Edward in the development of the eataboutown app. The premise is a membership based rewards app eataboutown will drive people to experience new restaurants and enjoy a diverse selection of food. The app will allow members to find participating restaurants using various search options, displaying different cuisine types and entertainment. Members are rewarded every time they try a different restaurant in the app. Eat About Town is also a marketing tool for restaurants in the nationwide. Click here for more details about the eataboutown app.

The eataboutown app is still in development. There is a graphic prototype and Rochelle is currently in the process of securing more funding to complete the build. Rochelle and Edward hope to have the app launched within the next 6 months. The eataboutown app will be available for android and iOS cell phones

You can keep up with eataboutown app news and the launch on its Facebook page eataboutown. There is only one level of membership that is billed monthly. Rochelle says rewards far outweigh the membership fee! If you are interested  in signing up for eataboutown membership go to You can do a pre-signup, with the option to pre-pay for the first year. If you choose this option you will get a pre-membership at a discounted rate of $12 for the first year. Individuals and restaurants can also sign up with no obligation.


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