Working Moms

** Trigger Warning: Show contains very heavy subject matter.**

Juggling motherhood with work is not new information. For decades, women have been piling things on their plate (often not by choice) while everyone applauds them. “I don’t know how she does it”, they say. So how come no one says, “why does she have to do it all?”

The TV show “Working Moms” gives the unfiltered version of how most moms are feeling with this juggling act that society wants to pass off as normal?!? This Canadian show is based in Toronto, Ontario and if you ever just wanted to turn on the TV and see raw footage of motherhood, then this is the show for you. This show covers a range of topics including; how to juggle your job with your marriage/kids, what happens when your child starts acting out, and what happens when you feel like all you do is try your best but it’s still not good enough.

What I love about this show is that it is the complete opposite of a lot of things we see in entertainment in regards to a women’s role in the house and the office. There are often a lot of perfectly wrapped up endings in tv shows and movies (which is great, everyone loves those), however, it gives women the impression that they are not doing “enough”. We compare ourselves to other women and where they are on their journey not realizing that we aren’t falling behind them, we are just in a different place.

Working Moms goes deep into what happens when you return from maternity leave and you are still breastfeeding. You are working so hard to receive a long-overdue promotion but during the day you have to manage your schedule so that you can pump. It sounds easy enough but when out of the blue meetings pop up and you must be there, what do you do? I feel like the better question (after watching the show) is still: Why is it easier for men to return to work than it is for women? Assuming that most, if not all jobs have female employees why is there not more support for them in the office? Why are there judgment and dirty looks? Why do promotions in the office force females to choose between being a mom and being an employee?

One thing I know for sure, is that I would like someone to say “what can I take off your plate?” instead of “I don’t know how you do it all?” I know that I can do it all, I’m not perfect but I can do it. My point is, even though I can, it would be nice to not have to. To carry the mental load alone between appointments, childcare, my job, my business and my marriage (plus family, friends, and a healthy lifestyle) is a lot and we all know that these are only a few examples. Working Moms is the show for you if you are an exhausted working mama and have reached a point of just not caring at all!
Whoever said we had to do it all, has never even lifted a finger! Don’t let anyone make you doubt yourself. You can handle this!

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