She’s Pretty and Saved: Meet Chanel E. Martin

Chanel E. Martin is an award-winning technology founder, a Wake Up accountability coach and the founder of Beyond The Book Media. – Martin helps brands write manuscripts in 21 days and publish niche books. Using her book writing formula, Chanel has taught thousands how to complete manuscripts in record time! Chanel is also the Co-Visionary of Kingdom Business Network – the largest Christian Entrepreneur Club on the Clubhouse App. Kingdom Business Network, also known as KBN, hosts 14 recurring rooms and reaches over 50K+ members nationwide! A busy wife, mom of four, ordained minister, Chanel has cracked the code on how to be a successful “mompreneur.” With her straight to the point, tell it how it is approach, she lovingly motivates women globally on “waking up” to their full potential. Chanel and her brands are featured in national publications and broadcasts, including The Real, BET, Black Enterprise, Essence, Ebony, Forbes, Yahoo, Business Insider, and more. 

What Motivated you to start your own business?

I am an engineer at heart. I became a chemical engineer because I actually wanted to create and make my mark in the hair and beauty industry. I learned that chemical engineers help create and manufacture beauty products. I got really close to that with my first company called Myavana. I am the co-founder of that company and I operated that company as an active co-founder for about four years before I stepped down at the top of 2016. During that time period of being off, I started doing coaching and consulting and actually wrote my first book which is a fundraising guide and e-book that helped people raise money based on the experiences that I had as a beauty tech entrepreneur. That also led me to write my first book ‘31 Prayers for Spiritual Wealth’ and I wrote that book in 31 days. So when I was trying to write my NEXT book I was really struggling and realized that if I had a community I could write my book faster. So I put together a group of people and we started finishing our books in two weeks. Then I had the idea that what if I could help people write their books in 7 days? So using my engineering background, I created a system that would help you meet certain word counts using my accelerated outline. This really helped people finish their books within 7-30 days! And so our job as a publishing company is to help people create products and share their knowledge and information to produce generational wealth.

Tell us about the process to start your brand, what did the beginning stages entail for you?

I actually started my brand about a little over ten years ago when I first started entrepreneurship. It was an organic start and I started as the cofounder of the technology hair care company ‘Myavana’ during that process I shared most of my journey on my FB page. I shared the ups, the downs, the highs, and the lows. So when I began to transition into a faith-based entrepreneur and share more of my faith, it was a very simple transition. That transition into faith-based entrepreneurship led me to write my second book ‘31 prayers for spiritual wealth’ because I was very open and upfront about my entrepreneurial journey. People knew I love Jesus so I put those two together. And because I wrote my second book, when I launched my publishing company people remembered my journey into entrepreneurship because I had been talking about it and then they remembered I had published two books at this point so they just trusted me. From there my brand grew, Beyond The Book Media grew, and we were very intentional and consistent with showing up and serving our clients/customers. So when it came time to launch my newest brand ‘Kingdom Business Network’ which has over 100,000 subscribers on Clubhouse, it was a no-brainer. So you start with what you have organically and then you build onto that.

 Tell us about your company Beyond the book media.

Beyond The Book, Media was started as a way to help myself finish my book quickly. It started as a small group of people that quickly grew to thousands of established and inspiring authors. We created a 7-day writing plan and formula that helped more specific brands, leaders, and influencers write books in as little as 7 days. In addition to that, we also help brands and authors publish their books. Here at Beyond The Book Media we offer full boutique publishing services and marketing services as well.

What role does your faith play in your business?

First of all, my faith is EVERYTHING! I can’t do business without faith because what you are doing as an entrepreneur or business owner is that you are creating something that typically has never been done or has never been done by you. So you have to have the faith to believe that you can do what you say you can do and that you can provide the service you say you are going to provide. Especially when you are starting out, you don’t know if any of it is going to work or fail and you have to have the faith to BELIEVE.  

How do you balance entrepreneurship and Faith?

There is no balance. They are one and the same. I am an entrepreneur because I have faith, PERIOD! There is no one without the other. I would not have the success that I have, had I not had faith, believed in God Jesus, and called on the Holy Spirit. Had I not been dedicated in prayer and consecration and hearing what God has to say about my business. Each and every business and brand that I’ve created is faith-based, meaning God told me to do the actual business. So there is no balance.

What has been your biggest lesson thus far in your faith walk?

You have to trust God and trust yourself. You have to remember the original vision concerning your business. Why did you start it? That is going to be the marker in why you keep going. If you don’t have faith then you don’t have anything. Even if you are not a believer, if you don’t have faith to say ‘today I am going to serve my client and do what God called me to do, then you are left with nothing.

How do you remain focused during the difficult moments of entrepreneurship?

I talk to God. I lead a process called Prophetic Planning, where you wake up every morning, meet with God and journal what God is saying about your business. I created something like a movement and it’s something that I practice frequently. I am in constant communication with God asking him what he wants me to do. So when things get tough, I’m asking God how to handle this? And before you know it these strategies will pop into your mind and things will start working out.

What is next for you, where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years?

I want Beyond The Book Media to become a major imprint where we are able to provide publishing deals and we are a contender in the Christian media space similar to other big names. We are going to have the funding for top-tier authors and talent to put together amazing media and PR campaigns to really launch their brands.

What advice would you give to other faith-based entrepreneurs? 

If you are going to be a faith-based entrepreneur then you need to understand the keyword ‘faith’. I want you to keep the faith. Why did you start this business? And if you can remember why you started it, believe in yourself, and partner with God then you are unstoppable. The moment you stop believing in yourself, the moment you stop believing in God, the moment you stop believing in the reason you are doing what you are doing, you run the risk of quitting and failing. 

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