Meet National Known Prosperity Speaker: Mickey Mikeworth

Mickey Mikeworth is a renowned speaker, prosperity advisor, and C-Suite business consultant. Known just as much for her energetic speaking style and humorous storytelling ability as her “in-the-trenches” business expertise and no-nonsense strategic advice. Mickey’s spoken across the nation on the topic of prosperity and adopting the prosperity mindset to groups as diverse as Fortune 500 companies and tech startups to inner city youth and women seeking to break out of poverty. Her ideas on prosperity, attracting wealth, and building value have long been ahead of trend, changing the way people view and use money.

Clients often call Mickey The Resource Guru, and it’s a hat (one of many, by the way) that sits squarely atop those crimson locks. She simply has a knack for resource innovation, helping both individuals and businesses attract wealth faster and more efficiently by identifying strategies to build value through their own personal values — then, using this as the driver for decision-making.

Mickey’s brain never stops spinning. She’s developed a number of prosperity and financial education programs, including Rich Chicks™, Kids with Kash™, Monetary Identity™, and Gray Market Income™. The last two were specifically created to help women learn how to move ahead in business.

Best known for her national speaking tour, 10 Habits of Prosperously Minded People, Mickey has built quite a following here in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. So much so that she now hosts regular NW2 Business Mastermind Groups, Growth Incubation Projects, and Accent Panels, as well as the innovative and valuable Idea Pods, to meet the growing demand for her insights and services. Her business mastermind is now available across the world with ZOOM.

Mickey has been featured in The New York Times, Town & Country magazine, Mpls St. Paul magazine, FOX NEWS Business, Small Business Trendsetters, and many other not-so-famous, yet still-very-important media outlets. She was also voted Best Financial Advisor for Women in Women’s Press’s Women’s Choice Awards, as well as being twice honored as one of the Top Women in Finance by Finance and Commerce magazine and named one of the top 300 Wealth Managers (out of 22,000) in the state of Minnesota by Mpls St. Paul Magazine, and won the 50 over 50 from AARP (American Association of Retired People).

Who is Mickey Mikeworth in five words? 

Funny story, I posted this question on Facebook. Three hours and 78 comments later, I learned that this was a great exercise to encourage community. Here are five favorites from my community on “Who is Mickey Mikeworth in 5 words:

1 A mystical math rebel mogul

2 Energy. A gift packed with surprise.

3 A force of divine love

4 Magical Muse of Magical Moments

5 Someone’s who’s thoughts inspire always

When did you realize you had a message that could benefit the world?

I knew I had the ability to synthesize complex pieces of information down to a single actionable sentence. I didn’t KNOW that it was cray-cray-amazing, until I saw a room of 1,000 people uniquely and independently ALL pickup their pencils at the same time to jot down something I said. It was surreal, and I KNEW my synthesis skills could give a positive and helpful message quickly and deeply.

Here is what I said.

“Money only has ONE purpose; It’s going to buy you some choices.’

My follow up advice is this: “You might want to know more about your choices.”

How did your message on prosperity come about;

When the world couldn’t deliver a straight answer on what the consistent definition of what prosperity was; other than it had something to do with having money. 

I value repeatable outcomes. I explain the world to myself and others with math as often as possible. I decided to dedicate some research to the conversation, attraction, and ability to define prosperity. It’s been many years and over 60,000 hours of service.

Prosperity = The ability to magnify

Today’s world has described prosperity as wealth or abundance. Unfitting to the complexity behind the emotional work of becoming prosperous. It leaves out the actions we must take to gather deep knowledge and the alignment of elements that are required in the ability to magnify. Prosperity is more of a universal way of being within a shared existence.

Deep knowing + shared existence + motion of alignment = magnification/prosperity

I’ve spent the last 24 years developing, understanding, and teaching prosperity in every situation I could possibly surround myself with, from homeless shelters and orphanages to businesses and boardrooms. Those years have brought to the surface an understanding that is overflowing with compassion.

Tell us about the Manifestation and Prosperity debate

Manifesting is calling something to us.

Prosperity is an energetic formula working in a commonly shared existence.

Much like the Universe is always expanding, the Universe of thought is expanding as well. We lose key information in language translation over time. The way prosperity is marketed and thus translated in today’s world is very physical like money as an object.

People like to mislabel prosperity as the result of manifestation. Being able to manifest things does not itself make someone prosperous.

How did you become known as the resource Guru;

 I started seeing and focusing on patterns. My public health education and love of epidemiology (before it was cool) allow me to uncover and understand patterns. I’m good at taking massive amounts of details and transforming them into a magical art project of delight. I look for foundational parts, clump things together, and concentrate existing resources into an action plan. I reference my out-of-country training of working in public health often because its outreach focus is math geeks’ salvation. A solid repeatable way to consistently hit human-engineered targets.

As the resource Guru, I build decisive, common, and direct-action plans.

That is what has made so many projects that I work on incredibly successful.

Tell us about your entrepreneurship hat: when did Rich Chicks™, Kids with Kash™, Monetary Identity™, and Gray Market Income™, come about?

That’s a fun story. In 1998 I set up a group called Rich Chicks for fun. I realized the power of having financial education as a life-changing benefit when, after the first year, ALL of the 15 women refused to leave the class. Their lives have been impacted so greatly by having financial strategic plans, voice, and information. They COULD NOT in good conscience leave the table.

My life was different then. I was finishing my thesis on Women with Aids in Brazil. I took a part-time job for health insurance (at my mother’s request), in a financial planning firm she worked in. She would make sure I could leave and get my kid off the school bus.

That one job leap in1997 changed my life and changed the lives of tens of thousands of other people. Since that day. I have put in over 60,000 hours of direct service to building wealth in every circumstance. And right there, is my lesson to everyone: Never underestimate the power of a good piece of advice, from somebody who loves you to your core.

To say that job blew my mind is an understatement. I couldn’t believe that people would send in a check in the mail for $30-$500,000 and not personally bring it in. They would just add a sticky note that said to add it into their brokerage accounts. I was completely floored by how much money there was out in the world.

In1998 to be a single mother coming off of welfare was bleak. I had to learn more to earn more. I started a group with my friends, called it Rich Chicks because we wanted to be rich, I found a financial person, and every month we met to learn how to think about money differently. My peeps and I, NEEDED to know all of the money things.

We started with what was called the Fabulous 15. A round table at a coffee shop filled with fifteen waitresses, blue collar single moms, and none of us made much money. Our common bond was that we were all hard workers and insanely creative. We were so budget conscious we brought our own extra snacks to a coffee shop! 

In my personal journey, it would only be about 36 months from that point that I went on to become a licensed advisor. I gave Rich Chicks to my Mom to run years ago, and at age 79 she is still running it. We still teach classes together every month.

And all that you do, what do you hope that women take away from your platform?

Functionally fierce is what humanity needs at this time, and I can’t think of a better community to do that than brilliant women. I invite them to bring together their magnificent minds in understanding prosperity, take action in developing into a prosperity scholar, and to start teaching prosperity to the world in a way that is decisive, common, and action-oriented.

Besides, it’s like a new F-Bomb. Functionally Fierce FEMALES building a Future. That is a vision I like.

Where do you hope to see your platform in the next 3-5 years?

It’s exploding and that’s fun.

First, more of the same. 75% of my time is dedicated to strategic financial business advising, I have 24 years of being someone that genuinely loves spreadsheets. I am personally advising to over 26 million of annual business revenue to multiple clients. Clients book a year in advance, and my firm continues to enjoy a wild high retention rate of 98%. (So, if I am your future business advisor, call now and get on the waiting list.)

Second: I am still teaching over 70 Prosperity classes a year as #ProsperityHabit, so my team and I have lots of unique ways to explore innovative learning styles with our prosperity products and our Prosperity Scholars.

Third BIG DEAL HERE: I have a team of 5 staff, and we are working astonishingly fast to get a whole pile of kindness launched into the world. Basically, for the next 3 years my team is working full time making our own prosperity brain-candy-guru-girl online tools with about 150 products for all our brilliant friends to play with. Some are FREE. Some are CRAZY. Some are MIND BENDING.

An example of crazy is the code name “Mrs Ear Project”: We put together a secret unlisted podcast called the Night-Night series for our scholars. That project is voyeuristically interesting, and it demonstrates prosperity pitfalls and points of concentration! I recorded 100 episodes, and it has had over 2,000 prosperity scholars listen-in on the recordings. With the Night- Night link, the listener gets to hear a voicemail styled recording that was given to anonymous past scholars to listen to before bed. 

Basically, it is me responding to the prosperity situations people have in real life. Three of them we leaked on YouTube for people who like to find an easter egg in their magazine articles. HA HA! Get searching.

We like to get silly in our teaching, so that’s one “Mrs Ear” bonus you get when you come to class, a chance to eavesdrop on other people going through prosperity lessons of every kind. Also, it’s even more entertaining because I travel 9-12 weeks a year, and I recorded them all over the world. Sometimes I am calling in from a rooftop in Paris or a mountain top with a goat at sunrise.

An example of MINDBENDING is the #ProsperityHabit small business prosperity flashcards for your vision boards and the travel books are also getting ready to release this January.

The next 3 years my team and I are putting on the assembly line of gifts and products for all our networks, because Prosperity Rocks and so do YOU! ( big smile there) 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

Those with a strong understanding of themselves emanate a beauty that is hypnotic. When they are powerful and transparent in action, it’s a stunner.

Be stunning.

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CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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