Love is in the Air: Meet Greg & Cheryl Clarke

As entrepreneurs for almost 20 years, together for close to 30 years, and parents of 6 Children; our passion is for Motivating Other Couples to Have Success in their Relationship and their Business! Since starting our first business in the basement to the success of our several companies, it hasn’t been that long ago that we felt stuck and disappointed. All of our efforts were going nowhere. We had failed miserably in several ventures! We did what many people would have done in these situations: invested a lot of money, time, and energy into different opportunities that just left us on the verge of bankruptcy. 

It is our deep desire to create a movement of incredibly motivated couples together in a community to grow a profitable business; without sacrificing their Marriage, Family, or Fun! 

Whether you’re a new business owner or have been in business for years, you will learn our secrets directly from other Leaders of Thought and us from around the Globe. We have saved over 100 couples and businesses whose sales have increased by 40%, and their relationship is still going strong since they received our coaching. We are so excited to invite more couples to join our movement to lead or learn from this one-of-a-kind platform. 

We are excited to support you on your unique Couple journey together!

If you could use any four words in the world to describe you two as a couple what would they be and why?

“Unconventional, dynamic, passionate, and innovative” describes our relationship and partnership as a couple. We strive to bring fresh perspectives to both our personal and professional lives and continuously challenge ourselves to break away from traditional norms. Our dynamic personalities allow us to complement each other in unique ways, leading to a passionate and meaningful partnership. We are driven by our desire to make a difference and are always exploring innovative ways to help others and make a positive impact.

When did you realize that you two were destined to do business together as partners?

Our journey to become business partners was born out of our mutual desire to turn our lives around. After hitting rock bottom in our personal and financial lives, we came to the realization that we were stronger together and could make a real difference in the world by working together. The struggles we faced only served to strengthen our bond and fuel our passion to help others in similar circumstances.

How do you navigate partnership as a couple and business partners?

Navigating partnerships as a couple and business partners requires open communication, mutual respect, and a shared vision. We practice the 4 A’s (Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection, and Agreement) which we outline in our book, “The Power of the 4 A’s”. These principles have been instrumental in our journey to maintain a healthy relationship and successful partnership.

What does a day in the life of Greg and Cheryl look like?

Our days are filled with a healthy balance of work and play. We start each day with prayer, followed by a walk to enhance our health journey which we also share on our Instagram page. We attend to our daily work tasks and meetings, but also make time for spontaneous adventures. We are also proud parents of 6 adult children, so we make sure to stay connected with them throughout the day.

You have spent thousands in investing in your marriage and partnership as entrepreneurs, what was your greatest takeaway in that journey?

The greatest takeaway from our journey is the importance of valuing ourselves and investing in our future. We learned that investing time and resources in our relationship and business is crucial to success. Additionally, we discovered that success is not complicated but often comes down to following core fundamental principles.

What message do you hope other couples and entrepreneurs take away from your brand?

We hope to inspire other couples and entrepreneurs to take control of their income and create the life of their dreams. With our guidance, couples can have an achievable date to reach their goals and live a life of freedom and fulfillment. Our message is that success is possible, and we are here to help make it happen.

Where do you see your brand in the next 3-5 years?

In the next 3-5 years, we see our brand leading a movement centered on creating better relationships and improving people’s lives. Our goal is to reach thousands of couples and entrepreneurs and create a network of coaches who can make a difference in their communities.

What words of encouragement do you have for the next generation of entrepreneurs?

Never give up on your dream. No matter what obstacles you face, know that you have the resilience and determination to push through and succeed. And remember, it’s okay to ask for help along the way.

What books do you recommend for new couples in entrepreneurship?

We highly recommend our eBook, “7 Ways to Make Money with Your Honey.” In this eBook, we share 7 essential steps to have a healthy relationship and successful business with your significant other.

 Couples would also benefit from our “Relationship & Money Planner” which helps them to take control of their income and leverage themselves with the freedom to live the life of their dreams. 

Additionally, “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman is a great read for couples to better understand each other’s communication styles and emotional needs in the relationship.

 “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries is another great read for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their businesses efficiently.

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