5 LLCs That Showcased Truly Outstanding Black-Owned Businesses in 2023

Women continue to break barriers, achieve leadership positions, and establish successful businesses, and this year is no exception. Female trailblazers have been increasingly active in entrepreneurship, launching LLCs across various industries leading to the creation of jobs and economic progress. There’s also a growing advocacy for financial literacy and education, helping individuals and communities build wealth and make informed financial decisions.

Starting a business from scratch is not an easy feat, making the leaders of these initiatives great examples of how to turn financial wisdom into action. A guide to building wealth shared by Nikki Graham explains that it can be a ‘trial and error’ process as you have to find your talent and how to build it as a business. Then you have to go through the other important steps to get your LLC up and running, such as registration expenses and obtaining licenses. A guide to forming an LLC states that the cost of filing is $132 on average. It ranges from $50 to $500 depending on the state where the business will operate. Business knowledge and financial literacy go a long way in terms of building a startup, which is why women business leaders who champion these advocacies are heroes in their own right. Along the way, they bring unique perspectives and ideas to the business world, fostering a collaborative entrepreneurial spirit and bringing better opportunities to everyone who needs them.

Today, the spotlight is on 5 amazing black-owned LLCs and how they’re making waves this 2023.

Helping Heartbeats, LLC

The American Heart Association explains that immediate and properly administered CPR can double or triple a person’s chances of survival after a cardiac arrest. Increasing awareness about this vital life skill continues to be the main mission of Helping Heartbeats, LLC. Founded by National Registered Paramedic, Shafreta Kelly, the firm’s goal is to educate and train anyone who’s willing to learn First Aid, CPR, and the proper use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Avail Management Services, LLC

Black women in business provide crucial representation for underrepresented groups like WOC. Their presence in leadership roles helps break down stereotypes and barriers, inspiring future generations.

This is the vision of Dr. Liza Pugh Nicholson, Founder and CEO of Avail Management Services, LLC. The company provides a range of management solutions for healthcare institutions and groups. These range from admin support and project management to healthcare consulting. It was born out of Dr. Nicholson’s resolve to make healthcare more accessible regardless of whether you’re in an urban or rural area of the country.

While growing up, she experienced the challenges of getting quality healthcare firsthand and decided to dedicate her time and skills to change things for the better. She got her degree in Psychology from the University of West Alabama, earned a Master of Science in Health Care Management from Troy University, and a Doctor of Public Health in Health Management and Policy from Samford University. This endeavor was her preparation to realize her dream of ‘healthcare for all’. Today, this is what her company is doing on a daily basis.

Vontelle, LLC

Black-owned businesses often celebrate and promote cultural diversity through their products, services, and marketing efforts. They contribute to a more inclusive representation of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Vontelle, LLC founders Tracy Green and Nancey Harris apply this philosophy to their eyewear products. Their designs evoke images of the African diaspora, as well as the Caribbean and Latin American regions. For Vontelle, it’s about celebrating culture and it’s a sentiment that’s being received well by various other organizations in the country. They have partnered with big companies, including Nickelodeon and Paramount, to design eyewear collections that reflect the notion that everyone’s connected no matter where you come from.

Shea Radiance, LLC

Businesses can be a means of community empowerment. LLCs may come in the form of investments in underserved communities to create job opportunities and support local economic development. Shea Radiance, LLC stands up behind this idea and it’s led by Maryland-based entrepreneur Funlayo Alabi. Shea Radiance is a natural skincare and haircare company that specializes in products made from shea butter. The products are ethically sourced from women-owned cooperatives in West Africa and are known for their high-quality ingredients and positive impact on women’s livelihoods.

Iylia, LLC

Iylia, LLC is owned by Layla-Joy Williams who started out as a fashion designer and eventually ventured into making fine wine. Today, Iylia is known for its great selection of white, red, and rosé wine, all of which are made in the Valencia region of Spain. What makes Iylia truly special is that each ingredient is grown and produced in family-owned facilities. This approach yields two outstanding results: it supports families in the region where the wines are made, and it lets customers discover traditions that are passed down through many generations.

These LLCs highlight the multifaceted impact of black women in business, both as individual entrepreneurs and as influential leaders within organizations. Their work has far-reaching implications for society, the economy, and the advancement of diversity and inclusion in business.

Author:  Melany Palacios

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