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A driven leader in and out of the community, Lauren is currently the author of “What’s in Your Purse,” an event planner, and philanthropic advisor to professional athletes. She is also an adjunct faculty member in the sports & entertainment management program at the Mike Llitch School of Business. She has over 13 years of social responsibility, corporate brand development, and revenue generation experience with the NBA, NFL, and Big 10 Collegiate Athletics.  In addition to her work experience, Lauren is also the co-founder of Christian Emojis, a faith-based emojis app that shares images, emotions, and phases on your iPhone. She is a founding board member of the Detroit chapter of Women in Sports and Events (WISE), Director of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame Election Committee, and TEDx Detroit. Lauren has been recognized as a Woman of Excellence by the Michigan Chronicle and a Vanguard Award Recipient from Detroit Young Professionals (DYP). Lauren is a proud graduate of Michigan State University and has a Masters of Ministry Leadership from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Lauren believes that “Your community should be better because you’re in it” and her diligence and commitment to service inspires those around her to do more to be engaged and to give back!

As a current resident of Michigan, The excitement of meeting someone crushing her goals is amazing. You are Inspiring, Let’s jump right in to the questions:

PW: In three words who is Lauren Clayborne?

LC: Woman of Faith, Giver, Passionate 

PW: Tell me about your book entitled: “What’s in your purse: Carrying your faith like you carry your hand bag? 

LC: We all know it’s possible to learn quite a lot about a woman based on what she carries in her handbag. What’s In Your Purse dives into the different items we might find in your purse and examines the parallel between those items and your everyday life. What’s In Your Purse will examine how, as women, we’re impacted by the things we carry. You will also take a look at how the things you’ve picked up from others, impact how you walk and talk as you navigate through life.

“Lauren brilliantly and practically reminds you that carrying your handbag like you carry your faith is not only necessary but vital to your success.”

PW: What as women are we carrying around that is holding us back from our best life?

LC: Just with any other weight, I think the things that hold us back are the things that we don’t even realize we’re carrying. Naturally, all of a sudden your knees or back may hurt and you go to the doctor and they tell you that you need to get some of the weight off you. Over time, the weight started piling on and it’s causing pain in areas that you didn’t know would be effected. As women, sometimes we don’t realize we’re carrying things from old situations, relationships, or experiences and it comes out at the absolute wrong time.

As “What’s in Your Purse” encourages, it’s so important to do inventory of what we’re carrying and address those issues head on. I think it’s those things that prevent us from our best life! 

PW: Fun Question: Give me your top 3 worship songs that describe you currently?

LC: I love this question!! My current favorites are “Man of Your Word” by Maverick City/Chandler Moore, “Something Has to Break” by Kierra Sheard, “Never Be Defeated” by Rich Tolbert.

PW: When you think of a pretty woman who hustle’s what crosses your mind?

LC:When I think of a “pretty woman who hustles,” I think of a woman that is making it happen it with grace and poise. As women, we wear so many hats including having to keep it together physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and it’s grace that helps this woman get it done! Grace will take you places that hustling can’t!

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