Black Love & Partnership with Dr. CaSay Vaughn and DJ Jay Claxton

I had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with DJ Jay Claxton and his fiance Dr. Casay Vaughn as they spoke on business, love, and partnership. The saying goes, if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life, and DJ Jay and Dr. Casay are the epitome of that. Taking the business and entertainment world by storm, collaborating his fun and social personality with her producing and business skills, they make an exceptional duo. 

It is effortless to have a partnership when each person enjoys the role that they play for one another. DJ Jay voiced that he would rather kiss babies, shake hands and entertain on the scene while Dr. Casay prefers the behind the scenes work with managing and producing. 

Their relationship started off as business and working together. DJ Jay felt he needed help to get his brand to the next level, then heaven-sent Dr. Casay to the rescue. DJ Jay recalled the memory when he approached Dr. Casay about taking his business to the next level. Dr. Casay was all fire and personality, talkin’ bout some “Are you ready for me to be all up and personal and up in your grill so I can help you?” DJ Jay dutifully agreed, thus beginning their story with one another. 

“It wasn’t hard because he already had the talent” Dr. Casay gushed when I asked about the methods to DJ Jay’s continued success. “There wasn’t anything that needed to be done besides the producing work, he had the ideas.” 

Both DJ Jay and Dr. Cashay agreed that making the transition from business to love and partnership was seamless. They were friends first, and it was easy to understand and communicate with one another. I asked if there was a need to set up boundaries or separate between work and play, but they both said no. There was no need to set any concrete boundaries because they already formed the bond, they communicated well with one another. Whether at work or home, they are the perfect pair for each other. It’s fate how this match was made in heaven.  

The two decided to take their love and business and showcase to the world that love does conquer all. With their strong foundation in love and friendship, they are able to maneuver the entertainment world. The couple wears many hats as they are involved in giving back to the community and providing food for thought to those who are watching. They stated using their platform and being fortunate to give back, help, motivate, and encourage others is what it’s all about. 

They are truly an inspiration to the younger generations like myself, to keep grinding. “Dont let the facade of social media make you feel like you are not where you need to be” DJ Jay mentored. He let me know that oftentimes we as a society let the imagery of social media get us down on our luck and make us feel inadequate but we are enough! Just keep grinding and feeding into your craft.

Now even though they seem to have it all together, DJ Jay mentioned that there are challenges when it comes to the entertainment world. It took a lot of work to get to where they are today. DJ Jay stated he battles with MS, and has overcome obstacles of life such as failed relationships, financial woes, life highs, and lows. He said those experiences humbled him, and he learned a lot of lessons, but ultimately they all brought him to where he is today. 

What is for you will always be for you and never leave you, and destiny brought these two love birds together for sure. Dr. Casay gushed and mused over DJ Jay’s talents as an artist and being in his DJ element. In the presence of the two, you can sense the genuine love and only applaud them for their time and outlook on life. 

Before signing off, I asked them for some advice for couple-preneurs tackling the business world together in which Dr. Casay stated some key tips: Having a strong foundation, taking time for each other, and supporting one another endlessly. Never stop communicating and working with one another through it all; for love does conquer all.

Be sure to check out DJ Jay Claxton and Dr. Casay Vaughn’s Love & Business on Lock podcast where the two talk about love and relationships with other couple-preneurs. Also, stay tuned for their upcoming clothing line FRNCHS- yup, that’s “Franchise” but without the vowels. DJ Jay has some great stuff coming your way, and just know he wouldn’t get anything done without his right-hand woman Dr. Casay helping every step of the way. 

We celebrate black love and union this February.


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