Lighting The Way With Aleah Rae

Aleah Rae is the passionate powerhouse behind Rae of Light Digital. A creative at heart, Aleah combines a love for fashion and beauty with her keen sense of business to help indie beauty brands market their products through social media. As a Facebook Ads Coach, she provides one-on-one strategy sessions, focusing on teaching efficient and effective ways to use ads to increase conversion rates and online sales.

Raised in a small New Jersey town outside of Philadelphia, Aleah has always been artistic, but she took a few detours along her path to a creative

career. The only child of a scientist and counselor, Aleah wasn’t raised believing

art and creative pursuits could be lucrative, so she attended Rutgers University and graduated with a degree in French Linguistics before teaching middle school French for six years. In need of a life change, she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, and found herself behind the front desk of an Aveda Lifestyle Salon; a job that would change her life as she was bit by the beauty bug!

Inspired to create the beauty she was surrounded by, she founded an indie beauty brand, LIPP Beauty, which was later featured

by Essence magazine. This was a pivotal moment for Aleah, where she thought she’d made it, but unfortunately, the positive reaction didn’t match the sales revenue. From this, she learned that it took more than press mentions to make a brand successful and started researching tools to amplify her business and drive sales. After many trials, she learned that creating targeted ad campaigns was a huge part of e-commerce success, and she vowed to help other business owners conquer this difficult task.

With over ten years of experience selling beauty products for large corporations and as a small indie business owner, Aleah knows what it takes to

succeed. Now as a full-time Facebook Ads Coach, she’s found a passion for

helping others scale their brands and has a growing community of indie beauty founders for who she provides countless resources. Her core mission is to help indie beauty brands go from confused to confident about Facebook ads!

You are the only child of a scientist and a counselor. Now if that’s not a powerhouse parental grounding, I don’t know what is! What was your experience like growing up as an only child? How has that shaped you into who you are today?

As an only child, you quickly figure out how not to be lonely, even when you are alone. My dolls were some of my best friends — and we shared plenty of secrets throughout my childhood. Lol. Only children are forced to be pretty outgoing and make friends whenever they go (No brothers or sisters to kick it with if you’re not in the mood to be chatty and a closed mouth doesn’t make new friends!) and I know as a service provider with a growing community of beauty bosses my outgoing personality and ability to connect with new people comes in the large party from being an only!

While reading your bio, I read that you have a degree in French Linguistics! Ok! “Aleah, Tu es la bombe!”

What made you choose that major? You also taught French to middle schoolers. How do you think you impacted their lives at such a pivotal time in their youth?

Soooo random right? I went into college (Rutgers University) originally planning to major in Communications. But after my first Comm class in a lecture hall with 500 other people, I knew it wasn’t for me. I fell madly in love with the language after a mandatory French 101 class — and the vibe and culture of France really spoke to me. Choosing French to major in was PURELY a heart decision…and in all honesty, since I had a full academic scholarship (and my parents weren’t footing the bill for my education) I had a bit more freedom to pursue a degree that spoke to me and that I enjoyed every minute of studying.

You are the founder of Rae of Light Digital. Great play on words by the way! Tell our readers what Rae of Light Digital is all about?

Why thank you! So ROLD started as a full-service digital marketing agency nearly 3 years ago and has since evolved into my Facebook Ads Coaching company 2 years in. I made the switch from full service to coaching to really be able to serve more female entrepreneurs and empower them to be able to manage Facebook (and by extension IG) ads on their own — which is a huge saving for a small business owner looking to grow their brand. Today, ROL’s mission is to help Beauty Bosses go from confused to confident about Facebook ads, so they can DIY their ads management in 30 minutes a week and double their monthly sales!

What are some common things that business owners do that can turn clients away when it comes to marketing?

This is painful to watch, but really the biggest thing that I see is a lack of focus on their content and messaging. Indie beauty brand owners are ALWAYS creating, always innovating. It’s honestly one of the things I love so much about this industry (I’ve worked in beauty retail for the last 11 years!) Once one product launches in their line, they are already thinking of the next — and this is a blessing and a curse. What I see all too often, is Beauty Bosses that try to market numerous different products from their line at a time…instead of focusing on ONE hero product and flushing out marketing content for that product, raking in the sales, and THEN moving on to the next big thing. Each quarter (every 3 months), I challenge my clients to focus on ONE major marketing focus. B/c honestly, it takes all their time and attention, and effort to make just ONE thing (product or promotion) a success in today’s super competitive beauty landscape.

You are a Facebook Ads Coach. What exactly is that? What interested you about being a Facebook Ads Coach? Why is social media marketing so important?

Aye! I teach indie beauty brand founders and whomever is on their support team how to manage their OWN Facebook and IG ads in Facebook Ads Manager program. Having the knowledge of how Ads Manager works — and most importantly understanding the strategy behind running a successful ads campaign for your business is so important.
No one has money to waste on ads that don’t perform, so hiring a coach like me before you jump out there and try to throw spaghetti at the wall hoping it sticks when it comes to ads, can save your hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and countless hours of time and mental frustration. I’ve always been a teacher at heart! (After college, I taught middle school French for 6 years.) Once I transitioned from behind the counters of big box beauty brands like NARS, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, and YSL, it made perfect sense that I would stay in the beauty world but as someone who could help smaller indie beauty brands grow. Coaching is teaching — and I love every minute of it!

If you could design the perfect job, what would it be and why?

I’m doing it! Seriously. The WAY that I show up as a Facebook Ads coach for Beauty Bosses may change as time goes by (i.e., My packages and products) but showing up and being your Facebook Ads Bestie is my calling.

What is on the horizon for Aleah Rae?

On a personal level, my husband and I are hoping to start a family really soon! So, from a business standpoint, I’m working hard at creating offerings for my Rae Of Light audience that will allow me to still support them, while I balance both family and career.

Lastly, what is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

I’ve never felt that pretty had anything to do with looks — and that’s actually a very French belief as well! Some of the “ugliest” people I’ve ever met, looked great on the outside. #JustSaying So my definition of a pretty woman who hustles is a brilliant woman who is confident within herself, who is filled with a determination that everything she desires is 100% within her reach (b/c let’s face it, it totally is) and moves with gratitude for how far she’s already come,
and who takes ACTION on a daily to get closer to her goals no matter what the world around her throws her way!

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Dive Into New Beauty Brands with Alidib Beauty on the Rise! Women Making Boss Moves in Beauty

Patrice: What motivated/inspired you to start a business?

Alicia: What motivated me to start Alidib Beauty was me actually starting my own natural hair journey. Back in 2009 I decided to big chop my heavily heat and relaxer damaged hair. After experiencing CCC a form of alopecia. I decided to become not only an example to myself. But my 3 beautiful black daughters who were following my destructive hair and skincare regimen. On how to embrace and care for what naturally came from my creator. Which was my naturally kinky curly 4b/4c hair. And oily acne prone skin.

Patrice: What makes you a pretty woman that hustles?

Alicia: I am a pretty woman that hustles because I believe in embracing my independent, go getter energy. I feel like I have a story to tell to my assigned audience. That not only will encourage, but motivate and inspire other beautiful women and men to attract their life of abundance. Through entrepreneurship and setting intentions to build self-sufficient generational wealth.

Patrice: What is the name of your business(es) and what are they all about?

Alicia: The name of my business is Alidib Beauty. I decided to give my brand this name because it’s a combination of my actual legal name. And what better way to introduce my consumer to my brand than sharing with them who I AM as a CEO.

Alidib Beauty is an all -natural herbal infused hair and skincare brand. That promotes and encourages the use of natural and organic ingredients. That help to nourish and replenish our bodies. Through our largest organ which is our skin. I believe healthy hair and skin start with what we 1st think about our bodies. Followed by what we put into or onto our skin. That’s why my brand motto is “Be You. Be Beauty+Full”!

Patrice: Have you faced any challenges in your business?

Alicia: The challenges I’ve faced so far as a business owner has been making the public aware of Alidib Beauty. Again, the mission is to promote healthy hair and skincare from the inside out. And as a small business or new business owner who has been used to being a stay at home mom of 9 since I was 14 years old, I’ve found it to be a challenge with marketing and getting my products into the hands and homes of the people who can truly benefit from them. Let’s just be honest, modern tech skills such as Tik Tok and Instagram isn’t my lane of expertise!

Another challenge of being a new business owner has been accepting the fact that I can’t be like Noah and build this Ark alone. Meaning, growing a sustainable brand isn’t a one -woman show. So I had to learn how to seek and ask for help. And that was my sign of growth as CEO. Admitting I needed help even when I was used to being independent and always in control.

Patrice: What projects are you currently working on?

Alicia: The projects I’m currently working on with Alidib Beauty is staying ready for overflow! That means preparing for continued sale out and restocking once my brand grows. So, I’m learning to clarify my brand image and gearing up for summer and fall with future pop- up shops and small beauty business expo events rather than be in person or online. Also, working on two new products that will join the roster and help my customers feel amazing and beautiful! Stay tuned for the big drop June 1st!

Patrice: How do you face diversity as a woman entrepreneur?

Alicia: I face diversity as a woman entrepreneur first and foremost by being a minority. We all know that women in general aren’t taken as seriously or paid as equally as our male counterparts. So, I make it a mission to have Alidib Beauty be as credible and high quality as possible so my brand and I are seen and taken seriously.

Secondly, I am a mom of nine which means I am always on the move. I’ve seen so many opportunities for collaboration and partnerships for myself and my brand not come together simply because someone had reservations about if I would have time or stamina to meet goals,

Patrice: Is balancing your personal life, work life and business life difficult for you at times?

Alicia: Balancing my personal, work, and business life has always been a priority for me. One thing that I decided even as a kid that “I can have it all” If I learned how to organize and plan my time accordingly. I am very good at time management and have a scheduled alarm for everything! That’s how I keep my sanity. I stay organized and as close to time as possible. I was taught very early on by my bonus dad that if I stay ready, I’ll never have to get ready. So it’s definitely a skill that I utilize daily.

Patrice: How would you say your business differs from others in the same industry you work in?

Alicia: How Alidib Beauty differs from other beauty or self- care brands you ask?

Well, as Founder and CEO of Alidib Beauty again I wanted to be sure I wasn’t just selling a product but an actual lifestyle. Most hair and skincare brands push products claiming to be natural. Yet the consumer can’t even pronounce the ingredients and the ingredients purpose. Every ingredient in my products are all natural and of highest quality. You can pronounce the ingredients as well as understand it’s intended benefit.

Our products are handmade in my kitchen with spoken intentions over every batch and that this product will improve the quality of life for its customers.  I am a huge believer in law of attraction and manifesting and every herb and oil sacrificed has been given new life and purpose to heal. Not to mention, my products are made to order, not pre- batched or machine manufactured. That means my customers get the freshest product possible when it reaches their doorstep.

Patrice: What does being an entrepreneur or business owner mean to you?

Alicia: Being an entrepreneur means freedom to me. Whether it’s freedom of time or financial independence, I get to have a bit more control over my destiny. That means I get to gain, grow, and, share more leadership skills in my family and community. I have an opportunity to inspire and motivate those coming behind me; That if you must work to earn and it can be achieved at your own standard. There’s more than one way to obtain my idea of success; punching in a 9-5 and missing opportunities to be a full -time mom was not my idea of success.

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The highly anticipated skincare line Ann & Ashley has released game-changing products for all skin types to ensure that every individual receives the glow they all desire and deserve. With each product supercharged with antioxidants, essential oils, botanicals, and more, it becomes the perfect regimen to restore radiance and reinvigorate the skin that has been exposed to temperature and harsh environmental aggressors. Designed with the skin in mind, Ann & Ashley products respect and restore the natural pH balance of the skin, firm the skin, and improve elasticity.

Patrice: What makes you a pretty woman that hustles?

Ann and Ashley: A pretty woman that hustles is an enterprise woman whose savvy, & determined to go after her goals. I have always been ambitious, driven, and aspired to bigger things and I believe you need a combination of all those things to truly be a pretty woman “hustler”.

Patrice: The name of your business is catchy! What is the story behind it?

Ann and Ashley: Our story began when I decided to develop a solution to help alleviate my mother’s skin condition. I realized that a homeopathic solution would help reverse the symptoms affecting the texture and color of her skin. ​Recognizing a valuable opportunity to provide for this niche market, Ann & Ashley was born. The inspiration behind Ann & Ashley (hence our brand’s name) named for my Mother and myself.

Patrice: What makes your skincare products different from others?

Ann and Ashley: Sourced from the cleanest, purest ingredients using nearly up to 60% to 80% natural and organic botanicals and oils to effectively moisturize and hydrate the skin as well as protect the health & body using the principles of aromatherapy. At Ann & Ashley, its more than a moisturizer, it is a lifestyle!

Patrice: In your beauty products, what are some of the main ingredients?

Ann and Ashley: Vitamin C, African Baobab “super fruit” oil, rosemary extract, mango Butter, vitamin E, Neem Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil are some the main ingredients used based on the healing properties.

Patrice: A lot of people have sensitive skin as well. Does your products caters to all skin types?

Ann and Ashely: Yes, Absolutely! Our products are formulated to work for even the most sensitive skin.

Patrice: Skincare regimen is especially important I believe. What products do you recommend people use?

Ann and Ashely: A good moisturizer, first and foremost, helps to reduce the signs of aging, and a good exfoliator to remove buildup of dead skin. Our Skin Elixir is a pore reducing genie that provides superior benefits that enhances the moisture content of the skin.

Patrice: Black-owned businesses are important. Do you feel that black-owned businesses in the beauty industry are treated the same as any other skincare company around the world?

Ann and Ashley: Black brands are some of the most culturally influential in the world. Many companies have recognized the value of Black owned brands and Black consumers in the marketplace and are starting to implement better inclusion practices as well as reflect that diversity of product offerings to their customers.

Patrice: Tell us more about the Coconut and Rose body butter and the Skin Elixir Firming Radiance concentrate.

Ann and Ashley: The Coconut Rose body butter boasts an enchanting flowery scent that invigorates the senses and envelops the skin in velvety butters for maximum hydration. The Skin Elixir Firming Radiance Concentrate is vitamin c packed skin food that reduces appearance of pores, minimizes cystic breakouts and the effects of the elements on the skin. It is superstar ingredient of Baobab Oil is a fountain of youth in a bottle.

Patrice: What are some of the challenges you faced along the way in your business?

Ann and Ashley: Whew! So many things from having a lack of access to capital, knowing what things to look for to help with the best decision making, budgeting, bad deals, incorrect marketing. Those are some of things I have had to overcome.

Patrice: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Ann and Ashley: It means being passionate, savvy, fearless, tenacious, determined, cunning, hardworking and being willing to sacrifice and get back up after being knocked down to achieve your goals.

Patrice: For people wanting to start their own business, what advice would you give them?

Ann and Ashley: Give yourself time, do the market research, find your niche that makes your brand unique, automate things, and outsource jobs that you are not an expert in. It will ultimately save you time and money!

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I believe pretty is not about the outer appearance, but instead what is deep within you~ Feleshia Sams

Feleshia was considered the “go-to-girl” for make-up in college. Now she is the CEO of the Atlanta-based Academy of Advanced cosmetics (AAC,) a cosmetic training academy and hub for beauty technicians and artists. Feleshia is also the CEO of Coz Tat, a mobile app created with cosmetic artists and consumers in mind and 365 Greens, a holistic brand that boasts a green superfood powder that has proven to strengthen weakened immune systems and energy.

Patrice: What motivated/inspired you to start a business?

Feleshia: From the age of 5 I was saying that I told myself that I wanted to be the boss.  At that time I had no idea of what I was going to do all I knew was that I wanted to run my own business.  Growing up as an only child with only my mom and I.  I saw how she was able to build her own business and that inspired me to want to do the same one day. 

Patrice: What makes you a pretty woman that hustle?

Feleshia: I believe pretty is not about the outer appearance but instead what is deep within you.  You can have a pretty face, body, and gorgeous hair but a ugly heart.  Physical appearances fade and who we truly are resides within us forever.  Being pretty is what do we do for our families, communities, those around us.  How we live, work, and give back.  Its my mission to be that “pretty” example for both my children and those that may look up to me and want to do what I’m doing today. 

Patrice: What is the name of your business(es) and what does it intel?

Feleshia: I have 3 businesses. 2 are cosmetic related and 1 is health and nutrition. 

Academy of Advanced Cosmetics is a cosmetic training academy that trains, mentors, supplies our very own cosmetic tattoo products to students in the industry. 

CozTat is my app that connects cosmetic tattoo artist and clients together.  We provide a complete business system for our artist to manage their calendars, take payments, send electronic consent forms, and showcase their work. The app is free to clients where they can check out reviews, artist pictures, check certification / licensing credentials, schedule, and pay all within the app.

365 Greens is my green superfood powder.  This is a superfood powder that is a daily powder that can be mixed in water or your favorite drink to provide you all the multi vitamins and nutrients you need.  It’s simple to mix and taste really good unlike most powders on the market. 

Patrice: Have you faced any challenges in your business?

Feleshia: Being in business has a lot of ups and downs. Some recent challenges that I had to face was finding the right contractors and support for some of my businesses.  For example, when I see that someone or company is not providing me what I need I have learned to move on, but before I do I always have a backup.  When I initially started my app I started with one developer and then found that I was not getting what I wanted.  As a result, I left and moved on the next.  Yes, it was costly but in the long run I feel as though it was going to save me a lot in the long run.  The same with my superfoods brand.  Having my own vision of what I want and what others say they can do can sometimes cause you to redirect your vision to what they can do.  So just as with the app I found myself moving to another manufacture that was able to give me exactly what I was looking for.  Bottom line I have to trust my gut and stick to my guns and know that this is my vision.  Sometimes others can’t see it and that’s okay but I know at the end of the day if I’m paying I need to get what I’m paying for. 

Patrice: Are you currently working on any current projects right now?

Feleshia: I have a new project coming out that is an online business course.  It’s called PMU Resources make 6 figures while working 3 days a week or less.  This is through my Academy and will be available to all permanent makeup artist.  I wanted to layout the blue print on how I did this my first year in and how they can do this to. Also, I am coming out with a green superfood for kids in May 2021.  This is through 365 Greens and will be specifically for kids. 

Patrice: How do you face diversity as a woman/man entrepreneur/author?

Feleshia: I would say while developing my app it was sometimes a challenge.  Being that the tech field is so male dominant.  Also, I was creating something as a woman for mainly women and they knew nothing about it.  It was huge challenge. In the development phase we would have weekly conference calls and it would be all these men and then me.  I knew from the first meeting that if I wanted my app to be a certain way I was going to have to drive my point across and let them know that yes this woman has voice.  Despite the fact I was spending my money I always felt that I had to defend my view on why I didn’t like their ideas.  This was part of why I switched developers.  I’m still with a bunch of guys but I find this new group is way more respectful and inclusive. 

Patrice: Is balancing your personal life, work life and business life difficult for you at times?

Feleshia: Yes, yes, and yes!  Lately it has been a lot but I feel that once I get through these next few months I’ll be able to get more balance.  I consider myself to be an extremely organized person so this helps tremendously along with a terrific staff. 

Patrice: Do you have any new projects or events coming up?

Feleshia: At the Academy we use to do an annual PMU and Micro blading event.  Due to COVID-19 we delayed it so the plan is to do it again March 2022. 

Patrice: What does being an entrepreneur or business owner mean to you?

Feleshia: Being an entrepreneur means that I have no limits on what I can do in my career.  As an entrepreneur there’s no glass ceilings and no climbing that corporate ladder.   This is so rewarding to me and I am so blessed to be where I am today.  It’s hard-work but I wouldn’t trade it for any 9-5. 

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Patrice: Tell the readers more about yourself.

Renata: My name is Renata Eileena founder & CEO of Possible Cosmetics. A luxury cosmetic line based out of Philadelphia!

Patrice: What makes you a pretty woman that hustle?

Renata: What makes me a pretty woman that hustle is that I honestly believe that all things are possible! Not only do I believe it is possible, but I get up every day put one foot in front to make sure the impossible happens! Most time hustling is not pretty but when its time I make it look good (I hope anyway) lol

Patrice: What is the name of your business and what does it intel?

Renata: Ok so I have both I am a published author my debut book launched in early 2018 entitled “7 things you need to do to launch your cosmetic line” this book is good for entrepreneurs who would like to start their own cosmetic line! It is truly helped many start their own beauty line. My business is Possible Cosmetics started in 2016 at the King of Prussia mall while there we became the first and only black own line to launch in the second largest mall in America.

Patrice: Have you faced any challenges in your business?

Renata: Ahh man SO many to count lol! I have come across so many challenges from having my website taken down, customers disputing charges that they did purchase! To trouble with employees, funding, manufacturing issues but I will say even with all those challenges we have overcome all of them all.

Patrice: Are you currently working on new projects?

Renata: Yes! My biggest project right now is the relaunching of my brand Possible Cosmetics. During covid we took a 6 -month break! Since our start in 2016 we have never took a break at all. We took a step back to rebrand, restructure & refocus and now we are coming back April 1st and I really could not be more excited!!!

Patrice: How do you face diversity as a woman/man entrepreneur/author?

Renata: Diversity is extremely important I am in the beauty industry we are women of all races. Diversity is extremely important I am in the beauty industry we are women of all races, ethnicity, religions etc. come together to buy products that make them feel more beautiful! I am a woman of color and I am proud to see myself represented more in the beauty industry, ethnicity, religions etc. come together to buy products that make them feel more beautiful! I am a woman of color and I am proud to see myself represented more in the beauty industry.

Patrice: Is balancing your personal life, work life and business life difficult for you at times?

Renata: YES! Lol it is hard it seems like it is not enough time in the day! Especially now that we are coming back from our hiatus. I had 6 months to “relax” but now that we are gearing up for our relaunch I will have to get back used to the balancing act!

Patrice: What does being an entrepreneur or business owner mean to you?

Renata: Being an entrepreneur means being a problem solver! We are here to serve our customers and become one of the best in the business.

Connect with Renata:

Instagram: @Possiblecosmetics

Facebook: Possible Cosmetics


sultry pop star Selena Gomez comes out with beauty line ‘rare’ beauty

This is the year for Selena Gomez! This pop star diva released her new album called “Rare” back in January and her single “Ice Cream” is getting everybody in the mood! The star announced back on February 4th on her Instagram page about her new beauty line ‘Rare Beauty’ will be in all Sephora stores on September 3, 2020. Gomez named the line ‘Rare Beauty’ after her new album. The brand is about embracing beauty and being comfortable with yourself. She stated in an article in an article in Glamour that “You’re not defined by a photo, a like, or a comment. Rare beauty isn’t about how other see you, it’s about how you see yourself” You can also purchase her makeup on the website as well.
She will be launching 48 shades of foundation and concealer along with eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara and other fun beauty product Gomez’s goal with the Rare Impact Fund is to raise $100 million to help increase access to mental resources.