Dr Tania King-Mohammad – Property, Wealth & Business Strategist, Founder of Freedom With Tania

Dr Tania King-Mohammad is a former NHS doctor and now self-made property, wealth and business strategist whose mission it is to help other like-minded people and entrepreneurs to unlock wealth and freedom through online business growth and smart property investments. Through her business, Freedom With Tania, Tania helps thousands of people to change their lives, and was able to move her family to Ibiza from the UK to walk her talk of creating wealth and freedom in tandem.

What Inspired your start into entrepreneurship?

Growing up dual heritage, from an English and Iraqi family in Hertfordshire, I was taught at a young age to be hard-working and ambitious.

I followed the career path that was expected of me and qualified as a Doctor, progressing through the ranks to reach the pinnacle of my career as a radiology consultant. 

However, the dream wasn’t all it was made out to be; met with impossible workloads, exhausting shift patterns and the crucifying responsibility of saving lives, I felt overwhelmed and unprepared for my ‘dream’ career in medicine. 

After losing my mother in 2012, I vowed to live a freedom-based life filled with adventure, and so set about making this happen. I knew I wanted to give my family the life and adventures she had always craved but didn’t get the chance to see. 

I started exploring the world of property investing and after selling my first home with my husband and moving into a rental property, I focused my new money mindset on investing funds into rent-to-rent property and homes I could renovate, refinance and rent on the short-term rental market. 

With others keen to learn how I did it, I started a coaching and mentoring business for those wanting to get into property in Sept 2020 and within five months I had generated nearly over $100,000 and things were really taking off. I was starting to become known in the online community for my property expertise and saw the opportunity to really make this the focus and the conduit to living the freedom-based life I had committed to. 

I built up a bank of properties which I rented out on the short-term rental market (Airbnb etc…) and in 2021 I quit my job to pursue my growing coaching and property businesses and Freedom With Tania was born. Now I live in Ibiza with my family and sometimes make more than double my old annual Doctor’s salary in a month! I love that I now get to mentor people and entrepreneurs in business growth and strategy, as well as property investing and creating true, generational wealth. 

What obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you are today? 

In the property space, it’s always a challenge to push yourself further out of your comfort zone and do deals which you’ve not done before.

In the online mentoring space, what I find challenging is when people recognise they need the right support and mentorship but hold themselves back from taking it for numerous reasons. I believe in mentorship and the right expert support so strongly, as it’s the sure fire way to achieving your desired success faster, with fewer mistakes and being able to fast-track your results.   

Overall, my biggest obstacle was to completely transform my mindset, from one which seriously held me back (for 30+ years of my life, I now recognise that I always thought and therefore acted small), into an expansive one which encourages me to grow and consistently push myself beyond my comfort zone. I teach my students in property and online business how to do this using my Leading Edge Framework, where consistently pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone (which I call your leading edge), means that you’re consistently innovating and evolving as a person and entrepreneur and progressing towards your goals. 

What message of hope do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs? 

Success requires an awareness that if your current situation isn’t one that aligns with your highest values nor the lifestyle you want to live, that a decision needs to be made to do something about it. 

Commit to pushing yourself consistently out of your comfort zone, and with this take messy imperfect action. One of my mottos is ‘progress over perfection, every time’ which I can honestly say is one key principle I have embodied that has gotten me from where I was just a few years ago, broke, in thousands of £££ credit card debt and stuck in a career and life which didn’t fulfil me, to where I am now. 

Surround yourself with the people who are achieving the results that you want to achieve. Yes, you can do it all alone, and possibly achieve the results you want, but by aligning yourself with other entrepreneurs taking bold action, making big moves and enjoying big results, you accelerate your progress and achieve your desired results faster because you start to normalise that bold action-taking behaviour which others around you are implementing, which sparks your brain into thinking ‘they’re doing it, how can I do it too?’. 

I honestly believe that if there are people who’ve already achieved what you want, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t too. Your success is there for the taking, let’s go and get it!  

What are your top 3 go to songs for motivation to keep going after your goals? 

  1. Giant – Rag ‘n’ Bone Man
  2. Wealthy – Maat Petrova of FEMMAGIC
  3. Being real is the new fake – Toni Jones 

What is your definition of a pretty woman who hustles?

It’s the woman who is confident first and foremost in herself, who feels beauty, accomplishment and success first within herself, before achieving anything on the exterior and before any external gratification. 

It’s the woman who keeps going, keeps fighting for her cause, because the mission she’s fighting for is so much bigger than just ‘herself’. She wants impact, to spread her message far and wide to help other women realise they too can live the life of their wildest dreams. 

It’s the woman who isn’t scared of failure, because she knows with failure comes the opportunity to be bigger, better and more successful than before. Failure is one of the keys to growth, the other is staying consistent and not giving up.

She is the woman who is always striving for success for wider impact and will always take others with her, always building a longer table, not a higher fence.    

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